Corey Feldman Challenges You to Direct a Video for Truth Movements Environmental Anthem "Green is the Colour"

Los Angeles, CA, November 26, 2008 --( Not green as in greed or money, but green as in the environment and protecting our planet for our children and future generations. Actor, musician and father Corey Feldman is putting his money where his mouth is by launching a video contest to tie in with his environmental anthem "Green is the Colour" , the first single off Truth Movement's 2nd album "Technology Analogy". Corey is committed to a very green lifestyle and has been a longtime vocal supporter of many green organizations including Greenpeace & Global Green. It is a topic, along with vegetarianism, that he is most proud to discuss.

Technology Analogy will be released on Corey's own label CiFi, and is available digitally at all major download sites on November 25th. A free copy of the song is available at

“Green is the Colour” which features Jon Carin of Pink Floyd fame urges listeners to make the world a better place and go green. The song already creating strong buzz on the internet with several environmental groups adopting it as their theme song. Corey would especially like to thank for all their hard work and support.

Corey is looking for the best interpretation of the song and what being green means to you. He urges all perspective filmmakers to be creative and think outside the box. Please submit entries to by Dec 25th at midnight PST. The winner will be announced on January 2nd 2009. The winning filmmaker will be Corey's guest at the star studded green carpet release party in Hollywood. In addition to backstage passes and a meet and greet with the band, the winning video will be played live at the event. The winning video will also be posted on Corey's website, on YouTube and on the Technology Analogy MySpace page. Truth Movement will perform an exclusive set at the event.

Truth Movement is fronted by Feldman as vocalist and songwriter and is a Pink Floyd inspired homage to classic rock. The band also includes a group of veteran Los Angeles musicians; Rob Heskin (guitars/writer) Chuck Irwin (drums/writer) and Randy Morris (Bass), and features contributions by Mark Karan of the Grateful Dead sub band Rat Dog and Pink Floyd’s Jon Carin and Scotty Page. The album cover is designed by the legendary Storm Thorgerson, who designed numerous album covers including the infamous Pink Floyd; Dark Side Of The Moon cover with its iconic refracting prism. The group’s namesake is a tribute to Corey's desire to write and perform with honesty and a goal to advocate the truth. The album was recorded in 5.1 Dolby digital and mastered at Capitol Records on the exact same board Dark Side of the Moon was created on. Pink Floyd fan sites such as have already strongly supported the album and calls the album "A bloody good album".

The album, which has been hailed as "the greenest album on the planet" was made with special 100% biodegradable materials including recycle-able paper, soy ink, and even a corn plastic disc tray. So essentially you could throw it in the ocean and it will just go back to nature. Another interesting note is that Corey's son and niece make their debut as recording artists on "Green is the Colour". The two children narrate the introduction to the song and also sing the chorus at the end of the song.

Good Luck and remember green is not only the colour, but also a way of life. Go Green.

Harlot Unlimited
Lisa Kaufman