Cell Phone Compatibility: Wholesaler Chinavasion Offers GSM Frequency Advice

Shenzhen, China, November 27, 2008 --(PR.com)-- People who sell unlocked phones on online auction sites know how much of a headache trying to get the cellphone with the right GSM band to the right country can be.

Wholesale dropship company Chinavasion is offering some help with a GSM world map and GSM frequency advice.

Experts say global demand for cell phones is changing with demand for mobile phones in developing countries like India, China and Brazil rapidly overtaking demand in North America and Europe.

For the first four months of this year alone world cellular phone sales jumped 13.6% on what they were in a similar period in 2007 according to research body Gartner Group.

The Gartner Group said a big part of that growth can be attributed to developing markets with Asian sales jumping by 26.6% and Latin America sales increasing by 28.4%.

This is great for anyone selling GSM phones online it does raise major questions of cellphone compatibility as online retailers deal with more GSM frequencies then they ever have before.

There are three basic GSM frequencies, 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

Different carriers in different countries use different combinations of frequencies.

This makes it difficult to roam, buy unlocked cell phones and sell unlocked phones.

Wholesale dropship company, Chinavasion, has come to the rescue of everybody confused about cell phone compatibility.

They have answered the question 'what is GSM'. They have also put together a GSM frequency guide, a GSM world map to show people where each GSM band works and a GSM frequency chart to show people which GSM phone will work where.

According to Chinavasion's PR manager, Rose Li, the company put together these GSM frequency resources to help e-commerce operators improve customer service.

"We feel it is our job to make the experience of buying and selling a GSM phone online as easy, safe and pleasurable as possible," said Rose Li.

According to Chinavasion's Rose Li the whole reason for the development of the GSM standard was to open up the wireless networks to the people of the world.

"European industry leaders developed the GSM standard to put power back in the hands of the consumers," according to Rose Li." consumers need to keep that power."

According to Rose Li buying unlocked cell phones and unlocked GSM phones were excellent ways to retain control and get the most out of global roaming.

"Unlocked GSM cell phones, particularly international phones are the only options for people traveling all over the world," according to Rose Li. "Only with these unlocked cellular phones can the user change providers by just switching GSM SIM cards."

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