YachtPals.com Takes First Place in StartupNation's 2008 Competition

Less than a year since launch, and YachtPals.com has won a coveted First Place spot in StartupNation's 2008 competition. As the largest original yachting news source in the world, and the largest yachting social network, YachtPals.com has taken a top slot in the 2008 competition for home-based startups. The twist: this home is a sailboat on the San Francisco Bay.

Richmond, CA, November 27, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Launched in January 2008, YachtPals.com has met with phenomenal success, becoming both the largest yachting social network in the world, and the largest original boating news source. And now, with over 4,000 pages of news and information available for perusal, YachtPals.com has been honored by StartupNation with a first place in the category of "Most Slacker-Friendly."

"It's a lot of work attracting slackers," joked founder and Editor Kim Hampton. "I guess we're working hard so they don't have to?" Kim and her husband Brad are the Internet Pioneers who actually wrote the first book on creating commercial web sites (Macmillan/SAMS 1996), and who have developed Internet technologies for clients like Intel, HP, the DOD and more.

The kicker is that this home-based business is afloat. After years living and working in the Silicon Valley area, the couple moved aboard their boat to "improve their life/work balance." Said Brad Hampton: "We were slaving away, planning for our future, and we realized that we were sacrificing our 'present'." That pushed the couple to try something new. The result is YachtPals.com

"We knew we had something big when we had thousands of requests to join in the alpha test, and tens of thousands to join in the beta test," said Kim. "I think we've had such rapid growth because we have fostered a friendly atmosphere, and of course, thanks to our YachtPals."

Indeed, though the site's social network membership is open to everyone for free, its roles have attracted a who's-who of sailing greats, including Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Olympians, famous explorers, many of the top racers and record-breakers in the world, and apparently a number of slackers.

What's in the future for YachtPals.com? Entering its second year, the site has big plans. "Once you're at the top," said Brad Hampton, "you are in the position to set the standard, and we have very high standards. We want to continue to push boundaries on the site, and to bring more people to the world of sailing." With the team's deep knowledge of both sailing and Internet technologies, that is sure to be the case.

Brad Hampton