How to Keep Employees Motivated, Productive and Healthy During Tough Economic Times

With unemployment rising, stress due to job and financial insecurity in the US has skyrocketed. 57 mil people in the U.S. today are suffering from emotional pain, stress, and depression. Job stress costs the U.S. industry over $300 billion annually in productivity and compensation. To help local companies to cope with rising stress, Emotional Fitness Clinic,, is hosting on-the-job group relaxation trainings and individual relaxation sessions.

Palo Alto, CA, November 27, 2008 --( As life become less and less predictable we experience more emotional stress. “Stress is the result of unexpected crisis,” says Dr. Robert Sapolsky, Professor of Neuroscience at Stanford University.

What happens in stressful situations?
Emotional and psychological stress disrupts human memory, learning abilities, the immune system and decision-making process. Job stress takes a huge toll on American families and corporations. Research shows that 60% to 90% of all doctor visits in the US are stress related. A recent study by NIOSH shows that approximately 40 % of job turnover is due to stress. For example, in California the number of Workers' compensation claims for mental stress increased by almost 700 percent over the last eight years.

What are the symptoms of Job Stress?
Early warning signs of job stress are headache, difficulty concentrating, short temper, upset stomach, job dissatisfaction, and low morale. Stress also affects workers thinking, behaviour, and the ability to make quick decisions; a person may get irritable; feel jumpy or exhausted all the time; doubt their ability to do their job, and they contribute less.

How to prevent damaging effects of job related stress?
Although the causes of stress on the job are many, solutions are few. According to Dr. Robert Sapolsky increased sense of control, predictability, social connectedness, and emotional flexibility are the tools to counter effects of stress. Some of the most successful drug free solutions on the market are Relaxation Therapy, Mental Preparedness, and Self-Hypnosis.

To help local companies to cope with rising stress, Silicon Valley based Emotional Fitness Clinic,, is hosting on-the-job group relaxation trainings and individual one-on-one relaxation sessions for business executives.

Luminific Health provides its clients with two stress reduction trainings: Relaxation Clinic and Emotional Fitness Training.

The first line of defence for stress is stress preparedness. Relaxation Clinic is one-on-one or group relaxation training in stress preparedness. During 3 one-hour sessions clients learn instant relaxation techniques, stress awareness techniques, and create an Emotional Health Emergency Kit.

Emotional Fitness Training is an intensive 8-week course that helps people to learn skills of
- Stress awareness
- Emotional awareness
- Emotional clearance and flexibility
- Personal relaxation procedures and communications

Why train?
“Many people live their lives without knowing that emotions are something that they have full control of,” said Mariya Shall, founder and trainer at Luminific Health. “Emotional balance is a skill and a long forgotten tradition. We learn this skill from our families and culture. But many social changes of the last 50 years have made it harder for us to learn how to relax. The Emotional Fitness Training and Relaxation Clinic were designed to give clients this forgotten skill of emotional health. We spend a lot of time and money training our bodies to be stronger and our minds to be smarter. It’s time to strike a balance – to train our Emotions. Our emotional health also effects our environment. When we are stressed and not happy, the mood of everyone around us decreases. It is time for ‘green’ healthy emotions.” To register for trainings please call 650-380-1411, or visit

About Luminific Health:
Luminific was founded by Mariya Shall, a certified Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained in psychodrama and NLP. Mariya hold a Bachelors degree in the Philosophy of Art and Visual Communications and her approach is a blend of many tools known to psychology, art and science. She is available for media interviews at 650-3801411.

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