Surrey Personal Trainer, Rick Kaselj, Provides Tips on How to Keep the Thanksgiving Turkey Off Your Hips

Surrey, Canada, November 27, 2008 --( The days are shorter, the leaves are turning color and the evenings are cooler - it must be Thanksgiving. People celebrate Thanksgiving by spending time with family and friends, typically gathering together for a dinner feast. With the help of these 9 tips, you may enjoy Thanksgiving weekend without an increase in your belt size.

9 Thanksgiving Calorie Reduction Tips

Stick to Your Fitness Routine - Fitness is the key to calorie reduction. Holidays often lead to people postponing their fitness programs. In order reduce the calories and keep the weight off, it is important to stick to your fitness routine during this festive time.

Eat an Early Meal – An early meal may help keep the calories burning. People often use the strategy of skipping meals to feel better about overeating on holidays and special occasions. It is important to eat at least a light breakfast and lunch every day. This will keep your body nourished and prevent overeating at Thanksgiving dinner.

Try Something New This Year – Start a new tradition this year. Look for new recipes that are heavier in vegetable content and contain less meat or oil.

One Floor Plate – Keep your plate one floor high. The fear of favourite dishes running out or getting cold leads some people to stack their food 3 or 4 levels high. Keep your Thanksgiving plate one level high with lots of space.

Make Veggies Your Seconds – Before you go for more turkey, help yourself to a second plate of veggies first. Veggies will fill you up and keep you away from the high calorie foods.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Day – There is always lots of food at Thanksgiving dinner. Take the day to slow down, enjoy your dinner and your company. This will allow your stomach to feel full, helping you avoid overeating.

Light Alcohol - If you are thirsty, reach for a glass of water. This will quench your thirst so you can enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner. Feel free to enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink with dinner but while you are waiting, hydrate up with water.

Cut the Desserts in Half - Desserts don’t fill you up. Even after a helping, we continue to crave the sugar and the memory associated with sweet treats. Cut your desserts in half so you can still enjoy them while you benefit from half the calories.

Family Walk – Before everyone sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, why not take the whole family for a walk and explore the neighborhood. If the family spends 30 minutes walking, everyone will feel better, burn off a few calories and enjoy the dinner more.

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy time with your entire family. Remember these 9 tips to reduce Thanksgiving calories and keep the inches off your hips.

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