Nickfaces – New Way to Disguise introduces a new concept of ‘nickface,’ one main feature of the software.

Nicosia, Cyprus, June 08, 2006 --( On 7th June 2006, announced the release date of Webcam Morpher 1.0 after a few months since the beta version, which had been for download only. “Together with the launch of this official full version, introduces a new concept of ‘nickface,’ one main feature of the software,” said Peter Nguyen, the Technical Manager.

Webcam Morpher 1.0 as well as nickface came to the market after 2 months from the last launch of the beta version, which is not a usual strategy for a software producer. However, according to Peter Nguyen, “Despite of being a little late, things do not go out of track at all. We needed more time to make this application as unique as our Voice Changer or Music Morpher. And now, it comes.”

Actually, this is not the first time that people mention “a new electronic face” or something like that; but this is the first time ever a company commits itself to a field where the chance for profit is 85% unreturnable. Yet, has successfully done it, and now Webcam Morpher comes into being with nickfaces – a brand new phrase, helping customers enjoy a new experience in online video chat and conference.

In the last launch of the free beta Webcam Morpher 1.0, users had an opportunity to try up to 10 nickfaces, both male and female. To achieve this, the company had to spend a lot of time doing research and development. The attempt paid off as Mr. Peter Nguyen said, “We try to do our best, and our customers will do the rest.” “The rest” that was mentioned is the reason for to give even more effort. On the release date of beta Webcam Morpher, received over 1000 visits for Webcam Morpher only.

With its full introduction of “nickfaces,” Webcam Morpher promises to help you have a complete disguise over your real life identity when enjoying live video chat, in accompanying with Voice Changer Software, which is absolutely a new and worth-trying experience for online users. This is also a confirmation that continues to keep the leading role in range of Morpher products on the market.

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