LDRA Tool Suite Supports Integration with Lauterbach Debugger

LDRA has integrated the LDRA tool suite with Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger enabling developers to fully automate their software test process with features such as traceability, verification, and code and quality review.

Wirral, United Kingdom, November 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- LDRA, provider of the most complete automated software testing technology with tools covering the eight essential areas of the software development lifecycle, has integrated the LDRA tool suite with Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger. By providing software testing features such as traceability, verification, and code and quality review, LDRA assists users of the Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger in fully automating the software testing process with the LDRA tool suite from code coverage to automating unit testing for the target.

To maximise developer flexibility, the LDRA tool suite is compiler agnostic, ensuring that the LDRA-Lauterbach solution can be used with any tool chain whose target silicon is supported by the Lauterbach debugger. Extensions to the LDRA tool suite for the Lauterbach debugger enable download of the code under test to the target and providing the mechanism for result capture back to the host. The interface is automatically managed using Lauterbach’s PRACTICE commands created by the LDRA tool suite, easing the learning curve for developers.

“Lauterbach has long been recognised as one of the best tool solutions in the embedded market,” noted Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director. “With our concern for quality software development, we are proud to announce this integration of TRACE32 with LDRA Testbed and TBrun analysis tools. Previous integrations have typically focused on code-creation tools —the compiler and linker—rather than the execution phase needed for code coverage analysis and unit test. With the tools from Lauterbach setting the standard in the JTAG and in-circuit emulation debugger world, we offer a best-of-breed solution to a large number of mutual clients.”

LDRA has enhanced existing code generation settings with additions to ensure that execution and data capture phase uses the Lauterbach TRACE32 tools. Scripts created using TRACE32’s PRACTICE language download code to the target, control the execution of that code and facilitate the retrieval of unit-test results and code-coverage information. The new scripts can be used together with existing scripts that, for example, initialise the target. The required parameters for the scripts to allow for System Level coverage and both black‑ and white‑box unit testing are automatically passed by the LDRA tool suite so that there is a high degree of automation requiring little or no engineer involvement during the actual testing.

The LDRA tool suite integration with Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger has been proven with a number of code-generation tools for a number of processors. The solution has been used with the TRACE32‑PowerView running on target hardware via BDM or JTAG (TRACE32-ICD), full in‑circuit emulation (TRACE32-ICE) and with the instruction‑set simulators (TRACE-SIM). Further updates and developments to the support using Lauterbach TRACE32 are planned in the future.


About the LDRA tool suite

The LDRA tool suite has been derived from many ground-breaking testing techniques developed by LDRA. The LDRA tool suite assists with the eight primary tasks: traceability verification, design, code and quality review, unit testing, target testing, test verification and test management. Focus on all of these key areas is required to achieve an organization's software development and maintenance goals. The LDRA tool suite can be used by an entire project team, including developers, QA managers, test engineers, project managers and maintenance/support engineers, to automate the software development lifecycle. Through the deployment of the LDRA tool suite, companies are able to deliver well constructed, documented and tested software and benefit from significant time, cost and operational savings. For more information on the LDRA tool suite, please visit: www.ldra.com.

About LDRA

For more than thirty years LDRA has developed and driven the market for software used for the automation of code analysis and software testing of safety-critical applications. The LDRA tool suite is used in the aerospace, space and defence technology industries as well as the nuclear energy and automotive industries. Through the use of the LDRA tool suite companies ensure that their systems are built in accordance to prescribed standards and are durable and reliable in use. The LDRA tool suite is available for a multiplicity of programming languages and supports a wide range of host and target platforms. LDRA is represented world-wide with its head office in the UK and subsidiaries in the USA as well as through an extensive distributor network. For more information on the LDRA tool suite, please visit: www.ldra.com.

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