Poetry Lovers: The Pearls of French Literature in English

Anthology of French poems from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century in French and English versions with a brief History of France and poets’ biographies. The new-released book France and its Poets: Middle Ages to the 19th Century written by Tasmania author Christiane Guise, gives the readers an opportunity to experience French poetry at its best without having to know a single word of French.

Liffey, Australia, December 15, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Through the enchainment of historical events, the readers will see the evolution of a language and its influence on French and English literature.

France and its Poets is an innovation as French poetry has always been translated by English-speaking poets; this time, the author is French and as Reviewer Lynette Kapiteijn from Tasmania says: “This anthology opens the door to a new understanding of the history and development of poetry in France; and being French, Christiane Guise was able to brilliantly convey the poets’ emotions, the essence of French poetry.”

This essence entered poetry at a very early stage. Though language and style were quite coarse and tenuous at first, like the butterfly coming out of its chrysalis, French poetry languorously unfolded its beauties through the centuries. Superbly emerging with Ronsard in the Renaissance, it reached its apogee with Lamartine, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Verlaine, and Rimbaud, the illustrious Romantics of the 19th Century.

By using the present tense in her narration, the author invites the readers on the scene; they voyage through the centuries, feel Cassandre’s skin soft as a rose petal, dance with Ronsard’s muses and weep with him in the Gastine Forest. They sail with Lamartine and Julie on the Bourget Lake. Horrified, they watch the decimation of Napoleon’s Grand Army at Waterloo, and join the French Resistance at the call of Verlaine’s Autumn Song... These are only few of the numerous stopovers this literary voyage offers.

France and its Poets features stunning portraits and paintings including Claudine Bigaut’s beautiful watercolours.

France and its Poets: Middle Ages to the 19th Century by Christiane Guise
ISBN 97809802888-3.4 is available on www.bellepage.com and Amazon.com.

About the Author
Christiane Guise is a life-long scholar, a lover of Poetry and Philosophy. Born in France, she moved to Australia in her early twentieths and now lives in Tasmania. She is currently writing an essay on the origin of the Book of Changes and prepares a new English compilation of Ronsard’s best poems.

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