SchmartBoard Adds an Electronics Starter Kit to Product Offering

Fremont, CA, December 03, 2008 --( SchmartBoard announced today the availability of the new “Solder By Numbers(SBN) Starter Kit” a starter kit for people who are new to electronics.

The SBN Starter Kit includes
- An Elenco 40 Watt Electronic Soldering Station
- Assorted sized tips for the soldering iron
- Water Soluble Solder Flux in Pen Form
- Safety Goggles
- A lighted Magnifying Glass
- 2 Screwdrivers
- Wire Cutters
- Wire Strippers
- Needle Nose Pliers
- SchmartSolder
- A Solder By Numbers Project with SchmartBoard and Components (LED Paperweight)

The Starter Kit costs $99.00 and its release coincides with the launch of

“It takes two things to build an electronic circuit – the ability to solder the components and the ability to take an electronic schematic and transfer the schematic to a real circuit board,” said Neal Greenberg, SchmartBoard VP of marketing. “SchmartBoard has made these issues easy which opens up electronics to a wider audience than previously possible.”

With SchmartBoard prototyping technology, anyone can solder any type of SMT electronic component.
· SchmartSolder makes it possible for anyone to hand solder through hole components.
· Solder By numbers tells you where to solder them onto the SchmartBoards to create your circuits.

“Solder By Numbers is to circuit building what “Paint By Numbers” is to art”, said Greenberg. “If a circuit is in a Solder By Numbers format, and you have the right tools, virtually anyone can build the circuit. We plan to have hundreds of SBN circuits on the SolderByNumbers website available soon.”

Details are at:

About SchmartBoard (
SchmartBoardTM is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. SchmartBoard’s patented Electronic Circuit Building Blocks makes this possible. SchmartBoard’s “EZ” –Technology and Solder By NumbersTM program makes the soldering of surface mount components and circuit creation accessible to virtually anyone.

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Missy Bindseil