New from ONEdersave Products LLC- “EcoBio-Stone”

New EcoBio "natural stone" style from ONEdersave Products LLC - bigger capacity for naturally clarifying aquarium water for years. Speeds up nitrogen cycle. Easy-to-use product reduces aquarium maintenance and makes water clear and healthy.

Edmeston, NY, December 04, 2008 --( ONEdersave Products LLC announced the newest addition to its’ environmentally-friendly line of products that clarify water in aquariums and ponds, the attractive new “EcoBio-Stone” line. The natural stone shape is available in 3 sizes – large, medium and small and in two colors – coral and green.

New aquarium hobbyists love ONEdersave’s EcoBio-Block Family Products, because it makes fishkeeping so easy. Originally developed and patented in Japan to revitalize polluted rivers, canals, ponds and ocean, it has been modified for use in home aquarium tanks and ponds. Effective bacteria are housed together with nutrients in a live and propagable state. EcoBio-Block Family Products release millions of grass bacillus bacteria, which multiply every half hour enabling the nitrification process. EcoBio-Block is effective in fresh or salt water.

The products are unique because the bacteria live and multiply in the block, keeping them from being washed away and making it unnecessary to add new bacteria for about 2 years. EcoBio-Block Products are made of volcanic rock, which slowly leach necessary calcium and trace minerals back into the water. The entire process takes toxins out of the water and puts needed minerals back in, dramatically reducing the need for water changes. This system is easy-to-use, not messy, and much less work. Simply, place the block in the tank for clear water and healthy fish. Great for aquarium hobbyists, both new and old. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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