The New DVD Section on the TuvaBox Website is Launched

The TuvaBox website now provides an extensive and resourceful section about DVD formats, recording and other useful information. Everything is updated and researched by a team of dedicated people who share the same interests in media devices like the Apple iPod or Sony PSP.

Westchester, CA, December 07, 2008 --( Keeping track of the continuous evolution in terms of technology is a challenge that the team behind the TuvaBox website has gladly accepted. Striving to provide the most accurate and useful information about gadgets like the Apple iPod, iPhone, iPod Nano, or Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, TuvaBox has come to deposit a fair amount of useful information which now translates into a new DVD section that can be checked in more depth at

The new DVD section is a reason for several articles that aim at helping persons with an interest in the DVD technology that can further be used in enhancing the media experience of a user with an iPod or PSP. In the DVD section users can learn about DVD formats, an issue most pressing at this time, since there are so many video formats available that have turned the process of converting a DVD movie to an iPod or PSP into a turmoil. For those who wish to take matters into their own hands, there is also an article on DVD recording, with advices and tips on how to properly burn DVD movies in order to obtain an adequate movie playback on another multimedia gadget, be it iPod or PSP.

The articles related to the DVD section are created with the constant support of a number of friends that share the same interest in entertainment devices. They have created some tutorials explaining the basics, so any person interested in an iPod or a PSP can maximize his or hers experience with the device. Video movies can be transferred from any format to a compatible standard for the iPod, PSP or Zune. Knowing how to deal with a DVD movie can be something useful for other purposes as well, like selecting the proper DVD format for recording a special moment, or how to handle various movie formats on the same multimedia gadget.

As it is now, the section is enough to satisfy the basic needs of someone who wants to learn how to convert a DVD movie for an iPod or a PSP, but the team intends not to stop just at this. Further research and articles are in queue, so it looks like the new DVD section of the TuvaBox website is something to keep an eye on. If it's difficult to keep track of not everything, but at least the most important aspects that change regarding the world of Apple iPod and Sony PlayStation Portable, the TuvaBox team is trying to simplify this, by bringing simple, clean articles that anyone can understand and that leave the reader with useful information in mind. Take for example the number of iPod generations that have crossed the market and the different iPod models that each generation had. It does not seem to be superfluous to consider that an amount of work consisting of arranging technical specifications, simplification, and providing the most relevant details regarding the Apple iPod was needed.

The TuvaBox website is intended to represent a resource for information on multimedia gadgets like the Apple iPod, Sony PSP, and Microsoft Zune. With special sections for the iPod and PSP, they have now added a new one, for DVD, that includes articles and tutorials that help users handle the various video DVD formats now in use. Although the focus is on entertainment devices, they also engulf in media facts, by maintaining a section on new movies, both filmed and animated, as well as movie reviews, news, and other in depth iPod articles that anyone can find out more about at

Diana Victor