The Apogee Foundation Expands Its Programs Promoting Intercultural Collaboration Through the Arts

The Apogee Foundation is expanding its internationally recognized Synergy Programs to offer new opportunities for intercultural collaboration among gifted artists from diverse cultures around the world.

New York, NY, December 09, 2008 --( The Apogee Foundation announced today that it is expanding its internationally recognized Synergy Programs, which are designed to enhance the creative excellence of artists and to enrich the aesthetic awareness of the public through the fostering of collaborative engagement among diverse cultural traditions. A special focus of these programs will be the promotion of mutually empowering collaboration among artists from cultures that have experienced a history of conflict.

Participants will be selected through the Foundation's Apogee Awards programs, which serve to discover artistic talent around the world. Once selected, award laureates will join in Apogee Academy programs offering holistic, multi-disciplinary approaches to developing their fullest potential together. Artist-laureates sharing these experiences will then perform in live and recorded Apogee Artists productions celebrating their shared achievements on the world stage.

In the years since its formation, The Apogee Foundation has evolved from a group of international professionals working to revitalize the collapsing arts education systems of the former Soviet Union into a philanthropic organization fostering human creative potential worldwide. For more information, please visit the Foundation's website:

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider said "Apogee's Synergy Programs not only testify to the unique gifts with which each artist and culture is endowed but also, by bringing these creative forces into dynamic collaboration, demonstrate the power of the arts to engender new forms of understanding and to inspire new ways of living for all mankind."

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