Award Winning Movie "South Coast," from Fractured Films, Hits the Streets

'South Coast' is a character driven documentary about how a culture as intrinsically American as hip hop has taken root and mutated in a quintessentially British way in the least likely of places.... its seaside towns.

Brighton, United Kingdom, December 10, 2008 --( Since the unstoppable rise of Gangsta rap and sexism, homophobia and the rampant pursuit of bling and materialism becoming the norm, mainstream U.S. hip hop has become much maligned.

But a new movie coming out of the U.K. has been overturning preconceptions of hip hop as it has been making waves at screenings around the world from New York to Israel, via Bermuda and Holland.

This small, self-funded indie film was lovingly shot over 4 years and paints a warm, human and funny portrait of hip hop being made for the sheer love, not through any drive to achieve a multi-million dollar lifestyle. It’s a time capsule of hip hop’s original spirit, essence and values.

But the film isn’t set in grimy Inner City London – it documents hip hop taking root and growing up in some weird and wonderful ways in the least likely of places...the seaside towns of southern UK.

The film ‘South Coast’ was selected for screening at the prestigious Barbican where it was described as ”brilliant”. The Daily Telegraph described the character-driven documentary as “joyful and laid back”.

Brighton hip hop pioneer Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) is featured in the film reminiscing about the early days of hip hop in the UK in the 1980s and is clearly taken aback at the sheer volume and quality of underground local talent that has grown from those humble origins and Norman said, "I’ve really got to get out more!”

Thirty years after hip hop crashed onto these shores, it has found a distinctive and quintessentially British voice amongst the pebbles, deckchairs and the cheeky postcards.

Maybe it’s because in a town or small city like Brighton, everyone knows everyone so it’s inadvisable to make enemies. Maybe it’s because they know you’d be laughed out of town for trying to rap about bling and drive-bys when you live with your parents. In Eastbourne.

But for whatever reason, you’re more likely to find MC’s in ‘South Coast’ exchanging cutting comedy put downs, bad mouthing the seagulls or rhyming about everyday British life than bragging about the size of their penis or some mythical ghetto superstar lifestyle.

Because this ain’t East Coast. This ain’t West Coast. This is South Coast.

Notes For Editors

‘South Coast’ is the first feature film directed by Will Jewell and Fractured Films.

A wide range of stills of characters from the film are available.

‘South Coast’ won the ‘Best Documentary’ award in the International Film Makers Festival, and has also screened in the Marche Du Film at Cannes Film Festival and has been officially selected for screenings in Helsinki, Rotterdam, New York, Bermuda, Israel, Australia, France, Kenya, London and Wales.

‘South Coast’ started life as a short film, but 5 years, 4 credit cards and 3 bank loans and some encouragement from The Film Council later, it became a feature.

The film features UK hip hop stars such as Norman Cook, Beardyman, Evil Ed, Stig of the dump, JFB, MC Buzz, Dirty Diggers and Deliverance.

Interviews can be arranged with the director and several stars of the film.

The film has had international rights acquired by a U.S. sales agent, but Fractured Films are self-distributing the film in the UK via the website

Fractured films are in discussion with various broadcasters about a UK television screening of ‘South Coast’ in 2009.

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