How to Build Self Worth

Burnsville, MN, December 11, 2008 --( ThumbPeople, Inc. continues to move forward with its four-tiered approach to encourage the development of self worth within children. ThumbPeople founder, Mark Arens, believes that a foundation of self worth will support efforts to combat bullying, peer-pressure, poor self-image, violence and other problems prevalent in our society today.

Earlier this year, ThumbPeople, Inc. released the Thumbuddy book series. This popular children’s book series has been gaining recognition within the preschool education arena as making a significant contribution to children’s literature. As Early Childhood Family Education Teacher, Kelly Olson, stated, “I truly enjoyed reading the Thumbuddy book series. What a delightful vision for parents and children! The whimsical text is joyful, uplifting and promotes a positive self-concept. Providing parents with these beautiful Thumbuddy books is a gift we will all benefit from.”

All ThumbPeople books feature the thumbprint character, Thumbuddy, who encourages the development of self worth through his message that just as your child’s thumbprint is unique, your child is unique. An exclusive feature of these books is that adults are encouraged to replace Thumbuddy’s name with the child’s name when reading to them. This technique allows the positive words within the books to become an affirming description of the child as spoken from the adult. This is a powerful, albeit simple method in instilling self worth at an early age within children.

ThumbPeople’s second tier approach in building self worth was established through the creation of their children’s and adult music. The You are Thumbuddy children’s CD utilizes the power of positive words to encourage kids to believe that they are loved and uniquely created to live an outstanding life. The CD encourages making positive life choices which establish the foundation for self worth. ThumbPeople founder, Mark Arens, believes that although these concepts are traditionally geared for children, adults are also in need of positive encouragement and will benefit from the ThumbPeople adult music series.

Public speaking and training events have been ThumbPeople’s third tier approach in equipping parents with Thumbuddy strategies to instill self worth within their children. A key technique that Arens teaches parents, is to intentionally observe the positive attributes and qualities within their children and to routinely write them down, share them with their children and keep them for the future so their children can continue to be encouraged and strengthened.

The fourth tier of ThumbPeople’s strategy to contribute to a culture of individuals with high self worth is the development of preschool curriculum. Prompted by an interest from bookstores, libraries and school districts, Thumbpeople is developing a Thumbuddy preschool program consisting of books, music, crafts and activities that reinforce self worth building concepts.

ThumbPeople, Inc. is a Minnesota based company that produces children’s literature through the Thumbuddy book series. ThumbPeople, Inc. also produces nurturing music for children and adults. They have been recognized for their efforts in positive youth development in building self-confidence in children. ThumbPeople, Inc. produces children’s learning materials with a positive message geared for both the secular and Christian environments and provides training opportunities through public speaking events.

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