USB Data Recovery Has Finally Arrived; Tugboat Enterprises Launches Selkie Freedom

Do-it-yourself data recovery has never been easier thanks to Tugboat Enterprises’ new product Selkie Freedom. It is now possible to recover your files to a USB key, something computer users without a second computer will find extremely useful.

New York, NY, December 11, 2008 --( This week Tugboat Enterprises has launched an incredibly exciting program, Selkie Freedom. Selkie Freedom is the first data recovery product in the Selkie Software line to allow users to back-up their data to a USB key.

Selkie Freedom is network independent so it doesn’t require a second computer.

“Not everyone has a second computer to receive their recovered data. This product allows the user to push their data to a USB key, do a re-install on their broken machine, restore the data from the key and be up and running again in no time at all,” says Philip Fleischer, CTO.

Selkie Freedom is available in three data recovery categories based on what users value most: Selkie Freedom Photographer, Selkie Freedom Multimedia and Selkie Freedom Office. Each is tailored to find the user’s most valued files in each category first using the unique Smart File Finding technology and then recover the rest whenever the user wants to set it to retrieve them.

“I don’t think anyone has seen anything like this before,” says Judi Tyabji Wilson, CEO. “It’s completely in its own class of software. We want people to know that we don’t sell back-up, we sell real time data recovery which can recover your files with no pre-installation and no existing back-up. Back-up can only go so far but with our product, you can retrieve all your files up to the second your computer crashed.”

Freedom is named for its ease of use and availability to travel. “It’s an essential part of your computer toolkit and it’s small enough to go with you wherever you go,” says Justin Gong, Programmer.

Tugboat Enterprises’ line of data recovery products Selkie Software specializes in do-it-yourself data recovery. When Windows crashes, it can by-pass the Windows Operating System, allowing the user to pull their data off their computer. This product, Selkie Freedom, allows the user to pull their data off the crashed computer onto an external hard-drive or USB key.

Selkie Software was designated an Emerging Technology for 2008 by Computer Reseller News (CRN) because of the valuable opportunities it provides home users, IT professionals, and large companies to save money, time, and data. Find out more about Selkie Freedom at or

For Enterprise Licensing, contact Paul Flanagan, VP Sales and Business Development, at 1-888-688-9199.

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Jackie Renton