Creative Eco Gift Never Stops, Now at Whole Foods Markets

Kvale Good Natured Games of Saint Paul, an inventor and distributor of eco-friendly board games, is supplying Mid-Atlantic Whole Foods Market stores with its best-selling Head1Liners game. Rather than a game about environmental matters, Head1Liners is a full-fledged party game with creativity and laughter, manufactured with authentic sustainable measures, including colorful recycled glass tokens. Without a singular correct answer, Head1Liners games are only limited by easy use of imagination.

Saint Paul, MN, December 12, 2008 --( With a tighter economy, consumers may appreciate the newest holiday gift item found at Whole Foods Market, the Head1Liners creative board game. Head1Liners, the first eco-friendly party game, has limitless options as players use imagination, rather than a concept with right or wrong answers.

Writing a missing news headline for 1 of 386 photograph cards in each round, Head1Liners game players are periodically assigned news assignments by the editor that encourage diverse entries beyond personal creative limitations. The objective is to advance a 100% recycled-glass player token to the finish line on the game board. Penning a "front page" headline results in moving one space for each favorable vote from fellow players.

Kvale Good Natured Games of Saint Paul, an inventor, publisher and distributor of sustainable board game productions, is supplying Mid-Atlantic Whole Foods Market stores with its best-selling Head1Liners game. Good Natured Games entered the market in November 2006 with its first eco-friendly product. The company's best-selling product, Head1Liners, is made with authentic sustainable methods and materials, and is a mainstream play item rather than a game about environmentalism.

Company founder, Tony Kvale, says, "The 7 million toy recalls this year above 2007's 22 million recalls, the continued growing interest in green products, and a renewed interest in affordable, home-based entertainment helps people to look at our company as an interesting alternative."

Kvale's family business was a Top 10 semi-finalist in this year's annual "Boost Your Business" contest in an effort to win a $100,000 grand prize. An estimated 1,500 entrepreneurs across the nation submitted 500-word business plans this year.

The company also distributes award-winning games about animal welfare, social awareness, and early childhood reading and mathematic skills. All games are designed by US inventors with responsible production that is certified by a third-party, Green America (formerly Co-op America). Head1Liners' games use the more rare 100% recycled paper for pads and cards, as well as vegetable-based inks.

"Whole Foods Market was part of our business plan from Day One," adds Kvale, a veteran of the natural products industry. "Research is showing children discuss environmental matters and encourage parents to buy earth-friendlier items," says Kvale, "And this is one retail market in which these values closely match shopper demographics." The company plans to expand more of its game selections into more regions of Whole Foods Market for 2009.

Good Natured Games are also sold to green shops, gift stores, toy shops and book shops across the country. Its eco board games are also available online at or by phone at toll- free 866-254-1276.

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