DeskAway Launches Social Project Management & Collaboration Features

DeskAway, is a web-based project collaboration service that provides teams a central location to easily organize, manage and track their projects has launched several personalization and social features on its platform. These features are available for free as well as paid plans.

Mumbai, India, December 12, 2008 --( My Account & Profile : The “Services” link is renamed to “My Account”. Clients will be able to update their profile, upload a profile photo and talk a little about themselves. After all, if they are working in a team, it would be cool to let others know a little about them, what skills they possess and what have they done in the past.

Personalization - Profile Photo : Clients can personalize DeskAway experience by uploading a 50px image of themselves. Anytime they want, they can remove the picture. Their profile information will also be shown to their project members from the Project Overview page. In addition, their profile picture will be displayed next to all their comments. When working in distributed teams, its always good to see who they are replying and commenting to.

Twitter-style 'What are you working on?' : Why not let the project members know what others are doing? e.g. “Taking a break, going for a quick lunch” or “Working on Ajax development, anyone have open source scripts ready?”. Clients can set their message from the “What you are working on” link at the top of the page or from the Project Overview page. Everyone in the project team will be allowed to see others message. Future developments of this feature will allow team members to reply to updates and even subscribe to a RSS feed.

There are more social features planned for the coming months. "At DeskAway, we are striving to create an online service that is not only simple and powerful to use but also facilitates social collaboration." said Sahil Parikh, Founder & CEO of DeskAway.

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Synage is one of the very first Software As A Service (SaaS) companies from India. DeskAway, its flagship service, is a monthly, subscription-based online project management 2.0 service that helps individuals, small businesses, and teams within larger organizations to organize, manage and track their projects from a central location with their partners, employees and clients.

With the growing number of small businesses/ distributed teams, increased broadband penetration, and 24x7 mobile work culture, DeskAway is rightly poised to give teams an accurate view of how their projects are doing and help eliminate common problems that occur when multiple people are collaborating: email spam, multiple file versions, lost files, task accountability issues, lack of reporting & work transparency.

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