Specialist Masonry and Plastering Craftsmen Restore Elizabethan Manor House

Lichfield, United Kingdom, December 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Specialist contractor Linford-Bridgeman has completed important restoration work on Canons Ashby House in Northamptonshire.

The Elizabethan manor house near Daventry, which has survived virtually unaltered since 1710, is owned by the National Trust.

The repair and restoration project has involved craftsmen from Linford’s masonry and traditional plastering teams working together on both the main house and garden walls.

Linford-Bridgeman managing director Stuart Carter explained: “The main area of concern was where the lime render on the major south-west elevation had separated from the wall, or gone ‘hollow’, over time.

“The render needs to be removed and replaced, and an additional coating of lime wash was then added to help prolong the life expectance of the render.

“We also undertook the repair and replacement of stone copings, and the entire green court side garden wall had to receive a complete rake out and repoint.

“A key part of the whole project is our specialist plasterers’ understanding and knowledge of traditional and historic lime plasters. This means that after removing the hollow render we were able to analyse the original materials on site and prepare a match using hydraulic lime, hair and various local sands.”

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