Lust & Gore Hardwear: a New Business Where Rollergirls Meet Retail, Heavy Metal Meets Totally Hot

Rollergirl owned and operated business offering customized cowboy hats, military caps, and original jewelry designs from industrial hardware. Lust & Gore Harwear - Hats for Heroes and Villains.

Phoenix, AZ, December 14, 2008 --( Lust & Gore Hardwear owners, Lusty Crush and Aurora Gory Alice, are on a mission to make personalized hats and original jewelry that will be seen and envied. They customize cowboy hats , military caps, and make original jewelry designs -- all with industrial-strength hardware. The result is wearable art. Their art is meant to look hot and hardcore. More specifically, their art is meant to make their customers look hot and hardcore. Chains, bullets, spikes, studs, cut metal, screws, nails, and nuts are just some of the hardware used to achieve the Lust & Gore feeling -- a feeling they seek to inspire in both the wearer and the viewer. “Put it on and look in the mirror…if you weren’t you, you’d wish you were,” says Aurora Gory Alice.

The story behind Lust & Gore Hardwear is as rock 'n' rollergirl as the products they make. Lusty Crush and Aurora Gory Alice are a product of roller derby. Picture, if you will, a hot summer day at a roller rink in Albany, New York. That is where they first laid eyes on each other. The attraction was instant, and it wasn't long before Lusty and Aurora were inseparable. Tired of the stifling rules of their derby league and the long Northeast winters, in July of 2008, Aurora and Lusty packed up their stuff and headed to Phoenix, Arizona, home of the original, no-rules Renegade Rollergirls and plentiful sunshine. On the long trip West, the idea for Lust & Gore Hardwear was born.

While Lust & Gore Hardwear's jewelry and customized military caps are enviable, their big-ticket masterpieces are their customized cowboy hats. So, how does a Lust & Gore customized cowboy hat design materialize? There are two ways. The first is straight from the customer. Knowing they could never make a hat that was cool enough to pull off one of their designs, Lusty and Aurora start with a quality hat made by an experienced hat maker. Not just any hat, but rather a hat that is personally selected by the customer as the canvas that will carry the weight of their attitude. Next, the customer can choose a design, or, in some cases, they let a design choose them. Skulls with cross bones, Tiny Shiny Girls, crosses, and flames are just some of the available options. In Step 3, a hat band is selected to cover the hat's bits and pieces with heavy metal style. Finally, for customers seeking a truly in-your-face, rebel-rousing accessory, there is even an option of adding more hardware to locations of their choosing.

If this sounds like a lot of work to get an attention-grabbing hat, rest easy. Way number two to secure a piece of the action: Lust & Gore offers original designs. There is no subtlety, no whispering cool, or quiet confidence with a Lust & Gore design. Lust & Gore doesn't do hats that hint at who you are. Their hats scream. Buy one if you like. Wear one if you can. Slugs and Kisses courtesy of Lust & Gore Hardwear.

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Lust & Gore Hardwear
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