Suzana Da Camara to Launch New Album in 2009

Toronto, Canada, December 17, 2008 --( Canadian singer/composer Suzana Da Camara is set to launch her new album in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2009.

Containing 11 to 13 tracks in English, French and Portuguese, the songs were written by Suzana herself, her long time business partner Mike Dell, and Randall Savoie, an extraordinary addition who, according to the singing diva, has added the "quirky majestic side" and has changed the dynamic of the material.

Besides having a new co-composer, what makes the new album more different and more exciting is the new recording style. "The last album is a bit more light and soft and we recorded all the songs in a layer-by-layer format. This time, I will be singing with the band on the studio floor, which changes the impression of the album because it would almost feel like singing live," says the multi-talented artist.

Suzana's fans are sure to expect diversity, not only because she sings in three languages, but also because the new release will consist of different elements, themes and emotions.

"You can dance with attitude, sing and cry with this album. This album is so much fun, but yet with intrinsic parts that are not so common. It has been a true pleasure for all of us so far and we all feel extremely confident we will have a successful outcome," says the Mary Ann Darling awardee. "This album will give their ear a fresh new sound, something they've never heard before."

To date, all the demos have been recorded and the star's camp is in the process of creating the final cuts.

The CD is planned to be released in the Spring time of 2009. To know more about Suzana Da Camara and her new album, please visit

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