QSAN iSCSI & FC RAID Controllers Support Tiger Technology metaSAN File Sharing SAN Management Software

Qsan now enhances all of its iSCSI and Fibre Channel (FC) RAID controllers with new software application support: Tiger Technology metaSAN File Sharing SAN Management.

Taipei, Taiwan, December 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Qsan has positioned itself as iSCSI / IP SAN and SAS expert ever since established in year 2004. Qsan now enhances all of its iSCSI and Fibre Channel (FC) RAID controllers with new software application support: Tiger Technology metaSAN File Sharing SAN Management. With metaSAN, multiple hosts/users can share access to the same files with concurrent write protection in IP and FC SAN environments.

Qsan iSCSI and FC RAID Controllers, P210C and F200C, are the iSCSI-to-SAS/SATA II and FC-to-SAS/SATAII RAID controllers built around with Qsan innovative RAID stack, featuring industry-leading performance on Intel IOP platform. With intelligent designs and performance optimization, the benchmark data shows up to 120,000 IOPS and throughput can achieve up to 800MB/sec. The outstanding performance is produced by not only the highly-optimized Qsan stack but also strong computing power offered by Intel Xscale IOP series. At drive-side, Qsan controllers support SAS drives, thus SATA compatible. Not only it supports up to 16 drives in single enclosure, there is a SAS JBOD expansion port built-in in P210C and F200C, connectible up to 4 SAS JBODs and up to 80 drives with 128TB size limit. And with the green feature of disk auto spindown supported by Qsan, the whole system including one RAID controller subsystem and its four J200C JBOD enclosures with fully loaded 80 hard drives can achieve high power efficiency and save the overall drive power cost. Other useful features include RAID 6, on-line migration, web-based management, snapshot (QSnap), Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) and so on.

Tiger Technology metaSAN is a high-speed file sharing Storage Area Network (SAN) management software that sets new standards for cross-platform workgroup collaboration. metaSAN enables multiple iSCSI or FC Initiators to connect to the same Target(s) by eliminating the risks of file-system and data corruption. With metaSAN, host and users accesses the shared storage the same way they normally would. There is no need for special disk formatting or management utilities, or for creating or managing special user accounts. Network administrators simply use standard OS account management tools to grant or deny access to the individual users. For those in mission-critical environment, metaSAN's dynamic metadata master arbitration model provides the failover mechanism that ensures 24/7 operations by eliminating the risks of downtime associated with conventional metadata controller-based architecture.

Tiger Technology metaSAN Feature Highlights:
- Heterogeneous operating system support
- Simultaneous high-speed file sharing
- Hardware and software agnostic
- Native OS file system support
- Native OS access rights management
- Per-node bandwidth usage control
- Virtualization for Avid®
- Dedicated metadata controller optional
- Centralized management of SAN definitions
- Soft zoning
- 24/7 mission-critical ready
- Multi-point gateway for LAN
- Transfer licenses between OS

Qsan iSCSI and FC RAID controllers are all compatible and stability proven with Tiger Technology metaSAN file sharing software. For more details, please contact Qsan sales@qsan.com.tw.

About Tiger Technology
Tiger Technology, Sarl, is a privately held company based in Geneva, Switzerland, developer of high performance storage area networking (SAN) management tools. The company's flagship product metaSAN builds upon years of SAN-related expertise and development to bring digital content creation and enterprise professionals involved with handling large bandwidth files a unique, cross-platform, hardware-agnostic, high-speed file sharing SAN management solution that sets new standards for workgroup collaboration and reliability. For further information on Tiger Technology, please visit www.tiger-technology.com.

About Qsan
Founded in 2004, QSAN technology Inc. is a company developing RAID controller focusing on iSCSI / IP SAN targeting at small and medium businesses worldwide. Qsan products are designed and positioned in the way to respond to the storage technology trend not only the latest standards (e.g. iSCSI, SAS) but also customer requirements (e.g. business continuity). For more information, please visit www.Qsan.com.tw.

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