URide.tv Creates New Spin on Making Commercials: Free

TV Commercials too expensive, outdated and not cutting edge enough; online video commercials seem to be the next virtual step in technology.

San Diego, CA, December 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Sami Tauber, the 32yr old female CEO of BikeWear World L.L.C., realized that there is definitely something lacking in the cycling industry: a sense of community for like minded individuals. Marketing and advertising can be very costly, but what about a free way to advertise your business or trade? Well, Tauber and her team, has made that happen for the cycling industry through a website called www.uRide.tv.

uRide.tv allows industry professionals to upload a video commercial onto the site for free. This has enabled production crews around the country new job options, as well as, allowing bike shops, manufacturers, race directors, non-profit organizations, trainers, and industry leaders to spread the word about their services or products they offer.

“Several cycling related magazine publications, manufacturers, bike shops, coaches, and personal trainers have jumped on board this new free resource. This is cutting edge technology at its finest,” says Tauber. “We have some of the brightest coders and developers on the team developing new and innovative ideas even for the simple banner ad! It is very exciting that the cycling community now has something to turn to in economic turmoil.”

URide.tv has positioned itself as a global community site with a lot of time, money and resources, directed towards creating a buzz internationally. The founder’s ideas are simple: “We are people who love bikes. We love looking at them, riding them, fixing them, shopping for them, and cleaning them – okay maybe sometimes! There is a lot to say about looking at your dirty bike…like it meaning you put in hard work, might have been somewhere or seen something, connected with nature, kicked butt, had to get to your destination…but whatever the case may be, we are all the same – bike riders.”

The site has been designed to target 7 different bike disciplines: BMX, Motocross, Mountain, Road, Spin, Track and Triathlon. You may either, upload a video as a bike rider with a cool ride from a mountain biking trail, be in the Japanese “Ring of Fire cycling Tour” and share your video feed with others, market your trade as a personal trainer in the Kansas City area, or even own a gym looking for more members. URide.tv was created to actively involve the cycling industry, in every way possible.

"So keep dreaming, keep pedaling and ride hard. Outfitting one rider at a time, from our community throughout the world," Sami Tauber, CEO of BikeWear World L.L.C., has your commercial back.

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Greg Smith