Stock Photography Company Specializing in Ethnic and Minority Pictures Launches New Website

The new website of PhotoEdit Inc., an established stock photography agency located in southern California, is now live. A massive upgrade from the prior site, the new design offers additional content, high-res download capability, fly-out photo previews, and much more.

Costa Mesa, CA, December 18, 2008 --( With the currently tumultuous economic landscape affecting nearly every aspect of the stock photography world---and indeed, forcing some companies into total bankruptcy---there are still a few independent businesses staying afloat, and even implementing improvements during the worldwide monetary crisis.

PhotoEdit Inc. is one such company. Recently it unveiled a brand new website, coded from scratch, which promises vast improvements over the old model. Understanding customers' needs in regard to web design and functionality assured that PhotoEdit could make a site perfectly suited to the modern stock photography customer.

The new site offers entirely new content, such as photographer interviews, archived newsletters, and featured photo galleries, plus additional functionality in terms of navigation, search options, and aesthetic design. Fly-out previews of each photo on search pages save customers from having to reach a new page to see a larger version; a quick links area assists with PhotoEdit's most popular searches; and the main navigation area offers dozens of possible combinations of ages and activities to browse through. Additionally, photos can now be downloaded in their full, high-resolution formats directly from the site itself.

Other improvements are forthcoming, including a company blog that will allow several PhotoEdit employees to write about trends in stock photography and photos in general. A free image of the month will also be included; visitors to the site will have the opportunity to download a full, high-resolution photo that showcases what PhotoEdit is all about.

A leader in ethnic, minority, and educational imagery since the 1980's, PhotoEdit continually strives to offer the best photos to its clients while portraying people from all walks of life in a positive light. You can find PhotoEdit's images in almost any textbook, and they are ideal for use in almost any educational context.

PhotoEdit Inc.
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