One Poet's Journey, a Poetry Book by the 2007 Poet of the Year Nominee, Dr. Aaron Benjamin Laird

Please, go to for a free preview. You will not be disappointed. Thia is a collection of award winning poetry by the 2007 International Library of Poetry's Poet of the Year Nominee, Dr. Aaron Benjamin Laird. Dr. Laird has won numerous Editors Choice Awards through the International Library of Poetry and the International Society of Poets. Here you will find some of his very best as well as his most compelling work.

Philadelphia, PA, December 30, 2008 --( Review:

This is some truly ground breaking poetry and I can clearly see why Dr. Laird has won quite so many poetry awards. I not only bought one of these books for myself, I also bought another for my son who is an English Literature major at Penn State. Anyone who enjoys reading poetry should read this book, as this type of self expression is the very reason that poetry exists.

I give this book five stars! Its a great read!

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Here below are some examples of this groundbreaking work.

The Sterling Stork

I looked to see a sterling stork,
while eating pasta with my fork,
the stork could see me standing there,
I glanced away as if not to care,
came to bite me did the stork,
I recall my homeland,
across the sea at York,
a glider I see sitting idle,
I flee this new land,
to return to my homeland,
this I do without a tan,
on a jet I do fly,
across the open blue sky,
the jet crashes down,
on my face I do frown,
I am now in my hometown of York,
strangely enough,
once again I do see,
the sterling stork.

by Dr. Aaron Laird

Broadsword Edge

The sword lay nestled in stone,
after tearing through blood and bone,
the time of battle has since past,
the quivering warriors
breath was their last,
as the time of battle hath long since gone,
a grin upon my face I don,
I walk away from the battle field,
my guard I start to yield,
an enemy lunges towards me with a broadsword edge,
he misses me yet inadvertently trims a nearby hedge,
a side kick I throw to ward my opponent away,
I looks as though I am triumphant this day.

by Dr. Aaron Laird

Dr. Aaron Benjamin Laird
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