Axebay is a New Music Site Created to Help Connect Guitarists with Each Other via Forums and Member Boards

Axebay is a new guitar site designed to be the best at bringing musicians together with a forum and marketplace. Guitarists can post stories and tips providing a level of interaction like no other.

Boston, MA, December 22, 2008 --( Axebay,, is a newly created community guitar site designed to help guitarists find the equipment they need, share tips, and meet other guitarists. This online site services many purposes, the most important of which is to create a new online guitar community.

There are many places to go for guitar products on the web but few offer a community for guitarists to talk to each other and share ideas. Axebay offers a forum that allows guitarists to do just that. Moreover, Axebay has an article section in which users can submit articles and advice. Most sites don’t offer this sort of level of interaction with users but they are raising the bar. Axebay provides an internal messaging system which also allows members to privately and anonymously interact. Guitarists grow and create by interacting with each other and they want to make the process as easy as they can.

Axebay also offer a blog, written by their resident legend, Axel Bay, that discusses major issues facing guitarists, recent news, events, and other stories in the guitar and music world. Axel also gives daily tips and advice for aspiring musicians. Axel may be a rocker who rocked too much but still knows his stuff.

In order to help encourage guitarists to get better, Axebay provides online guitar lessons from our resident guitar master, Illy. There is also a free online guitar tuner for those times when guitarists really need a tuner and don’t have one handy.

For those guitarists needing to sell their old “Axes” or looking for new ones, Axebay has an online store and marketplace where users can buy sell, or trade guitar, and guitar related products. And coming soon Axebay will provide an avenue for guitarists to advertise themselves, their bands and look for bandmates.

Axebay also holds regular contests and giveaways for struggling guitarists. Visit Axebay for all the guitar resources you need on the web and hook up with other guitarists who share the same passion for music.

That’s what it is all about at Axebay- the music.

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About the Company
Axebay is a new developed website, created in 2008, to help guitarists communicate and connect with each other as well as be a able to buy, sell, and trade guitars and guitar related merchandise from each other.
Matt Kepnes