"Drumfire" African Drumming Masters in this Superb Lineup

All Master Drummers, all holding multiple endorsements from such companies, as "TAMA," "TOCA," "MEINL," "MAPEX," "Pearl," Chrisse "Mamafrika" Feros & The Drummers of Toumba! Toumba! have put together the team of "DRUMFIRE" for workshops in the corporate sector and for delivering concert programs for opening and closing major events.

Brisbane, Australia, June 15, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Chrisse "Mamafrika" Feros & The Drummers of Toumba! Toumba! came together just 18 months ago to perform as "DRUMFIRE." They are leaders in drumming programs for teambuilding development in the business world.

With over 25 years of great success in the business community, Chrisse and her team are not only internationally endorsed by major drumming companies, but Chrisse herself holds awards from the John Lennon Foundation, Midem, Billboard USA, and she is an associate member of The Grammy's.

Drummers, Nii Yankos, Bryan Macaranas, Nii Amah, are all master drummers and have been conducting fun-filled, tension breaking, and highly motivational drumming programs in the corporate sector.  Chrisse and her team have also written and conducted programs for major teambuilding organizations.

They have resources of over 700 african roped djembe drums, several hundred more pieces of percussion, and have designed programs to suit any need for their clients within all budget structures.

The "Drumming Program" is a gathering of participants, acknowledging that a great time is to be had, and it is a program where working together for common goals, achieving new outcomes, finding self empowerment, working towards new listening skills, improving communication awareness, are all part of the structure.

Learning African rhythm, hand and song technique, movement, even some fun african words, are part of the fun plan!

They are working with QLD Government, have worked with the Olympic Coordination Authority, have performed at the Olympic Games in 2000, and are a sheer energy-hit to watch.

They can be found at www.drumfireteambuilding.com and their management is John Kontos.  They are based in Australia.

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