The Fireplace Goes Green

Portland Area Business Introduces High Efficiency, Green Masonry Fireplaces as an Alternative Energy Source

Woodland, WA, December 22, 2008 --( With freezing temperatures and snow blanketing the region today, Portland area residents may be facing record high energy costs. How can homeowners heat their homes more efficiently using renewable resources? Mastercraft Masonry offers homeowners choices on heating efficiency and woodburning. The construction company has introduced a highly efficient fireplace that allows homeowners to heat their home for an entire day from a 2-3 hour burn. Potentially reinvigorating the woodburning ethic, Masonry Heaters combust at much higher temperatures (1700 degrees) which reduces particulate emissions and centers a massive amount of heat inside the home that will then radiate gentle, therapeutic heat up to 24 hours after the last ember has faded.

Using about half the amount of fuel a normal stove consumes during the heating season, and storing most of the spent heat from that amount of fuel, these line of fireplaces are unparalleled in efficiency. Even the options offered with these fireplaces include water heating coils and bakeovens, both of which can save even more energy. The completely green fireplace also relies on 100% sustainable cordwood, an often overlooked renewable resource. As homeowners are searching for alternative sources of energy, the Masonry Heater's revolutionary design and operating characteristics uniquely define itself as the epitome of green.

Mastercraft's main revenue is generated through mostly residential masonry applications such as patios, walls, and veneer. The construction company is seeking to expand into the renewable resource arena by offering a product that lessens the user's reliance on heating with fossil fuels and reduces dependence on the power grid at the same time. Since its origin in 1974, Mastercraft Masonry has been committed to delivering a high standard not only in its product but also with its installation and service professionalism.

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