Photography by John Michael Publishes Calendar - "The Old Guard on Parade - 2009" - A First for This 225 Year-Old Regiment. Sales Proceeds Donated to Support the Troops.

Proceeds from the "Inagural" calendar to be donated to support the troops - Old Guard Ladies Association to benefit from professional photographer's natural and creative talents and generosity.

Alexandria, VA, December 23, 2008 --( Photography by John Michael announces a "First for the 3d".

In a ground breaking milestone and what is believed to be the "Inaugural" calendar, John Michael - a professional photographer & military historian - has created and published "The Old Guard on Parade - 2009" about US Army's 3d Infantry Regiment - The Old Guard - the most historic and the oldest infantry regiment in the United States military.

Since 2000, John Michael has continually photographed this elite regiment while they executed their ceremonial missions. It was earlier this year while doing research on a book that he's writing about a specialty platoon within the regiment that he concluded the need for this calendar. In speaking with men who had served in the 1950's - 1960s - 1970s and to-date, none could recall that there was a calendar produced about the entire regiment.

John Michael poured over the thousands of photographs he had available and thought the theme of "The Old Guard on Parade" would be an appropriate one for 2009 in light of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. The Old Guard will play a key role on Inauguration Day ushering in the new President, Barack Obama.

With a textual history included, the Calendar's photographs feature the many specialty units within the Regiment including:

The Presidential Salute Battery,

The Caisson Platoon,

US Army Drill Team,

Commander in Chief's Guard,

The Fife and Drum Corps,

The Continental Color Guard.

"It has been an honor to be able to photograph these fine troops and the work they do." said John Michael "I've been blessed to observe and capture in photographs much of the work these soldiers do as part of their daily schedule. They are truly the finest and Americans should be proud to have such an outstanding treasure in the US Army."

The US Army 3d Infantry Regiment, "The Old Guard" has its origins dating back to 1784 when the United States was evolving from the colonies to a sovereign country. This US Army elite regiment (Escort to the President) has a dual responsibility of both the defense of the United States Capital area and the ceremonial missions it carries out.These include Presidential Inaugurations, White House arrivals, State Funerals, the final honors support at Arlington National Cemetery - and only military unit who has continuously guarded the Tomb of the Unknowns, and More;

When John Michael previewed the calendar to a noted Washington DC based military historian, the response was "John Michael is an athlete with a natural talent for photography who over the years has honed and fine tuned his skills through experience. This calendar is another of his creative works packaged for the world to enjoy and appreciate."

The calendar comes in three versions - "The Standard", "The Standard with Extras" and the "Premium"

All of the Calendars feature 12 months of photos from John Michael. The second version provides a brief history of the 3d Infantry Regiment and each of the specialty units featured in the calendar. The Premium version of the calendar is a larger format and contains more descriptive information about the Old Guard. John Michael will also offer the "Premium Collectors Edition" - a limited "autographed" quantity of 250 which will be numbered.

The first is available directly on line for purchase, the latter versions are available directly from Photography by John Michael.

When John Michael is asked why he's devoted nearly the last ten years immersed in capturing, recording and presenting the work of the US military with a focus on the US Army, his reply is that he's been given an on-going mission of "Preserving the memories so others will remember..." (tm)

John Michael continues his ongoing tradition of "giving back" - Proceeds from the sale of all the calendar's versions will be donated to the 3d Infantry Regiment's Old Guard Ladies Association to assist in their support of the active duty troops within the Regiment.

About John Michael - He resides in Alexandria, VA many decades of photography experience. Since 2000 he has photographed the final honors at Arlington National Cemetery. photographed reunions of the Special Forces Association (Fayetteville, NC) the OSS Society (Arlington, VA), The Old Guard Association (TOGA). His creative talents have also resulted in an ever-growing assortment of military heraldry note cards, Christmas cards and greeting cards featuring scenes of Arlington National Cemetery. His book on the "Big Guns of the Old Guard" will be published in Spring of 2009.

Photography by John Michael
John Michael