, Innovations in Social Networking with Privacy, is in Private Beta released, a showcase of innovative social networking media to connect circles of friends through stylish media buzz and private Let'sTalk conversations.

Boston, MA, December 23, 2008 --( Being relationship-centric, is able to spread media buzz through Let’sTalk conversations with the following unique features:

Social circles in a picture
Create private social circles from friend lists with drag and drop, so users can easily decide who gets what and whom to talk to, without having to create multiple accounts.

media buzz in a snap
Publish posts, invitations, ecards, opinion polls, and slideshows with built-in or custom banners, photos and music clips, ready for private and public comments. Unlike an inbox, the hyperlink interface manages media buzz without email spam and clutter, while offering seamless updates.

Let’sTalk in a group
Join in on conversations with public networks according to one’s interests. Or, participate with private social circles and enjoy the instant one-on-one privacy during open conversations and the point-and-attach feature to share media buzz beyond a friend list.

To start building a network of opportunities, register for free at with the invite code allfocus.

Joseph Allfocus
Multimedia builds your network of oppportunities builds your network of oppportunities

Sharing media buzz and Let'sTalk conversations can be selective by remixing your personal and business friends into social circles.