Historic Photos of Vermont by Ginger Gellman

Turner Publishing announces the new release, the Historic Photos of Vermont by Ginger Gellman. This 10x10 volume showcases the pictorial narrative of the state of Vermont in stunning, culled-from-the-archives photography.

Nashville, TN, December 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The History of Vermont Told Through Historic Photographs

Vermont isn’t only known for its maple syrup! As the nation’s fourteenth state, Vermont reflects a fascinating history and progressive spirit that contributed to a strong sense of self-sufficiency among native-born residents.

With fact-filled photo captions and chapter introductions by historian Ginger Gellman, Historic Photos of Vermont rediscovers the state’s fascinating past through nearly 200 rare photographs culled from the University of Vermont, and many other archives, all showcased with exceptional clarity and beauty. This is a wonderful book for any photography, travel, or history enthusiast.

From the state’s agricultural-oriented origins to the Flood of 1927, to becoming a popular tourist destination, and much more, the state of Vermont shines through the decades in glorious black-and-white photography, displayed in a large format.

“To a history major, old photos are always relevant—not to mention great fun! Besides studying the details or trying to identify the contraptions in these photos, however, I like them because they help illustrate the variability in Vermont’s history. It’s striking to see some of the early twentieth century photos, and realize that urban ills were living alongside rural struggles—that mill towns like Winooski were fighting population challenges while more rural areas like Kirby were trying to keep the farm afloat,” says author Gellman.

Historic Photos of Vermont is part of Turner Publishing’s Historic Photos series. These books, highlighting the history of the great cities and legendary figures across America, have been acclaimed as a staple in the collection of anyone who loves history.

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Historic Photos of Vermont
By Ginger Gellman
Turner Publishing, $39.95
ISBN 13: 978-1-59652-449-1

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