Revolutionary Learning System, Internal Energy Plus, Releases Long-Awaited Website

Internal Energy Plus, a controversial approach to learning and success attainment, announced the launch of their new website

Huntington, NY, December 26, 2008 --( Internal Energy Plus™, a controversial approach to learning and success attainment, announced the launch of their new website

The new website was designed by John McHugh of Brainstorm Studios, who is also responsible for the hugely popular American Idol website.

“We knew right away that Mr. McHugh was the right fit for our vision,” says Director of Business Operations, Douglas Castle.

Internal Energy Plus Founder Joseph Droual agreed and stated that the intention behind Internal Energy Plus and their new website is to “provide the public access to this revolutionary system in a simple and easy-to-navigate format. Through entrainment, spontaneous learning and modalities for succeeding, Internal Energy Plus allows the user to reach goals and enjoy self-improvement without having to spend years of time studying, struggling and otherwise waiting for results. Our website provides one-stop-shopping for any and all needs including personal and professional.”

Mr. Droual believes that conventional approaches to teaching are “too inefficient and too slow.”

“I believe that we are capable of learning much more rapidly, and with a great deal more retention, than the proponents of conventional education would have us believe. People are largely unsuccessful because they have never truly been trained in the science of learning. is the first step to exploring your self-growth options and improving your own success all in one convenient location.

Through the new website, Internal Energy Plus offers information and products for entrainment techniques, which actually increase intelligence by subconscious or unconscious modeling and patterning and can be achieved through exercises involving bodily movement, eye movement, subliminal suggestion and brain wave entrainment. “These rapid-fire approaches, if properly administered, actually heighten and sharpen instincts and intuition,” notes Mr. Droual.

“From the moment we enter into society, we are indoctrinated with self-limiting beliefs. And these beliefs keep us from acquiring the health, happiness and success which we only dream about. Internal Energy Plus is a solution to this growing epidemic.”

About Internal Energy Plus – The Company provides products, programs, training and seminars regarding setting and achieving goals, both personal and professional, for individuals and organizations. Internal Energy Plus™ uses a specially-chosen variety of conventional and unconventional modalities to greatly accelerate the learning process and the path to success.

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