Affordable SEO Services Launched by Site Booster Technologies for Small Businesses

Site Booster Technologies has introduced a new series of affordable SEO services suitable for all online businesses specially small businesses who would like to see higher search engine ranking for their chosen keywords. The previous SEO packages will remain as the company's specialized organic SEO services for those who have more specific requirements

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 26, 2008 --( Malaysia-Based SEO service company, Site Booster Technologies, has launched a whole new series of affordable SEO services for small businesses that are determined to give their online businesses higher search engine ranking.

The new affordable SEO services introduced by Site booster consist of all the top-end features of professional online marketing packages of their kind. They contain a large set of services including initial check-up, article writing and submission, press release writing and submission, performance reporting and providing access to the clients so that they can monitor Site Booster’s marketing results.

“We have received innumerous inquiries for our previous packages where people had knowingly asked for organic SEO services whereas they were not sure about which search engine optimization package to select!” says Mr. Rahman Mehraby, the CEO and search engine optimization specialist at Site Booster. “Therefore, we have decided to plan a few affordable SEO services that suit all small businesses that need better search engine ranking.”

Tough economic conditions demand new outlook by all companies to reconsider their spending policies on various online marketing methods. Today, every business owner prefers to spend its marketing dollars somewhere that returns the investment in a due manner. Organic search engine optimization is obtaining more and more attention from a wide group of online businesses for the same reason.

Site Booster still keeps the previous SEO packages it used to offer to the clients who are more specific about what they exactly require to happen in their websites. The range of such services begin from website optimization to on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization as well as a total care package for all the requirements of any website.

About Site Booster Technologies

Site Booster is a specialized organic SEO company based in Malaysia that provides search engine optimization services for the international as well as regional and local business owners. The wide range of Site Booster’s affordable SEO services suits all small business owners as well as larger incorporations.

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