Power, Performance and Price—Crowell Systems Incorporates Advanced Reporting into Medformix® XXV

By tapping into MITS and OpenQM technology, Crowell Systems presents their most affordable and robust Enterprise Practice Management System (EPMS) offering to date.

Charlotte, NC, December 28, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Crowell Systems, through a recent partnership with Management Information Tools, Inc. (MITS), will offer users of the Medformix XXV system integrated ad-hoc reporting and the opportunity to further enhance the system with custom business intelligence analytics and dashboards. Crowell Systems is a leading provider of integrated clinical and organization management systems for the healthcare industry, servicing both single-site and larger, multi-site Ophthalmic and Allergy practices. The Medformix XXV enterprise medical solution offers a practical solution providing healthcare providers with the tools needed to better manage the process of delivering care through flexible, reliable and comprehensive practice management software and unparalleled after-sale service and support.

Based in Seattle, WA, MITS is an established developer of top of the line reporting and analytics solutions for the MultiValue market and beyond. The MITS Report solution designed for operational reporting will be fully integrated into Crowell’s upcoming XXV release, comprising the Advanced Reporting module of the Medformix system. Furthermore, Crowell has coordinated with MITS to offer the flagship MITS Discover BI/OLAP product as a valuable add-on solution.

“We saw MITS for the first time at last year’s International Spectrum conference and were instantly impressed with MITS Discover and MITS Report,” stated Crowell Systems President, Sally Crowell. “Working towards our own web-based version of Medformix, we appreciated the ease of use represented by the MITS browser based solutions.”

While there was an instant synergy between both organizations and offerings, pricing for MITS products had to be a fit for a majority of Crowell System’s customers, and the MITS organization and products needed to pass an extensive reference check.

Finding positive feedback from existing MITS customers and resolving price concerns, leadership from Crowell and MITS’ teams collaborated with UK-based, Ladybridge Systems to get the MITS product line running on Ladybridge’s powerful OpenQM database. Sally Crowell comments, “It was our pleasure to introduce MITS to Ladybridge and be the catalyst for that relationship…. Both organizations [Ladybridge and MITS] have been so responsive and really listened to our needs, helping us address the needs of our customers and really making this integration project work.”

Bringing Advanced Reporting and MITS Discover to select customers has generated positive initial reactions. One key customer has stated that with the integration of Advanced Reporting, there would not be another product on the market that could come close to the power of Medformix XXV. Sally Crowell follows, “Earning the trust of our core customers and power users is not taken lightly. With this feedback in mind we look forward to offering MITS solutions to the rest of this peer group and our customer base as a whole.”

The Medformix XXV system—including Advanced Reporting—and MITS Discover for Medformix is currently available from Crowell Systems. For more information contact your Crowell Systems representative.

About Crowell Systems
Since 1983, Crowell Systems has been a leading provider of integrated clinical and organizational management systems for the healthcare industry. Specializing in the development of practice management, electronic medical records and other core medical office systems, Crowell Systems' Medformix® software offers practical solutions that enable healthcare providers to better manage the process of delivering care. For more information visit www.crowellsystems.com

About MITS
MITS® is a leading developer of Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence products. The MITS product line contains both the MITS Discover® OLAP Business Intelligence suite, as well as the ad hoc report tool, MITS Report®. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the company's technologies are used by thousands of organizations, resellers and systems integrators worldwide. MITS products are firmly entrenched in a wide range of business areas, including manufacturing, distribution, retail sales and services, education, government, healthcare, and insurance, as well as in many other industries. For more information, visit www.mits.com

Management Information Tools, Inc.
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