Graphic Products Introduces Three Specialty Label Supplies

Beaverton, OR, December 31, 2008 --( Three specialty label supplies from Graphic Products, Inc. are available for use with the new DuraLabel 7000 printer: high-temperature, repositionable, and oily surface labels.

“DuraLabel provides the widest range of specialized labeling supplies available for any industrial label and sign printer. With our new DuraLabel 7000 sign printer we intend to continue this in-depth approach to product development.” said Steve Hudgik, marketing manager at Graphic Products. “These three new DuraLabel 7000 supplies extend the capabilities of this sign printer into applications for which sign making supplies normally are not available.”

High-temperature supply is commonly used for signs on and around equipment and utilities where temperatures are known to be excessively hot (up to 300º F). It can also withstand temperatures as low as -40º F. Common locations for high-temperature label applications include areas near boilers and furnaces, motors and engines, and on heat ducts.

Repositionable supply is commonly used to make signs for identifying temporary inventory, work-in-progress, maintenance projects, temporary work stations and items needing repair. Like an extra strong sticky note, repositionable signs can be applied, removed, and reapplied many times without having to clean off residual adhesive.

Oily surface supply is commonly used in dirty work environments where clean surfaces are impossible to maintain. It provides excellent adhesion to most surfaces contaminated with oil and light debris common to machine parts, drum storage, hazardous material storage, marine environments, recycling projects and environmental clean-ups.

“Oily surface supply is one of the most unique sign making supplies we have available,” said Hudgik. “Its special adhesive chemically reacts with oil and grease to produce a strong, durable bond.”

Each of the three specialty supplies comes in widths of four inches, six inches, and seven inches. Colors vary between supplies and sign making needs.

High-temperature, repositionable, and oily surface label supplies are part of a larger collection of specialty label supplies offered by Graphic Products, Inc. These supplies are also available for use with DuraLabel PRO printers—in smaller supply widths. Additional specialty supplies include reflective, striped, hi-tack, phosphorescent, cold storage, and tamper resistant supplies, for example.

“Our wide variety of labeling and sign making supplies demonstrate Graphic Products’ commitment to our customer’s needs.” said Hudgik. “We are continually developing new supplies, even to meet the requirements of low volume, highly specialized applications.”

Specialty label supplies for the DuraLabel 7000 are available from Graphic Products, Inc. They may be ordered by calling 1-800-788-5572. For more information visit

Graphic Products has been a leading label printer and supplies dealer since 1970. They are the manufacturer of the DuraLabel PRO label printer, and they carry a wide variety of labelers made by other manufacturers. They stock label printer brands such as Brady, Kroy, Brother, K-Sun, Dymo and Varitronics. They also stock a complete selection of labeling supplies, including specialized supplies such as glow-in-the-dark labels, chemical resistant labels and low temperature labels. They also stock supplies for discontinued label printers. Graphic Products specializes in fast, same-day shipping to meet their customers’ just-in-time delivery requirements. The Graphic Products' web site is located at:

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