Finvest to Launch New Private Equity Fund

Zurich, Switzerland, January 01, 2009 --( Indicative of the positive spin-off which the market pullback is creating, Finvest Asset Management recently announced that it has been awarded a $2.5 billion allocation for investment in private equity. The impact of the recession, negative sentiment, and the credit crunch, have created significant value opportunities. This allocation comes in the wake of an award to Finvest last year for $300 million which will be separately dedicated to a Fund of Funds, and which has progressed positively.

The private equity initiative is being launched at a time when most economists are predicting a protracted recession, which will ultimately be of further impact to emerging markets.

Allocations for the new private equity fund, will be made through private placements. Companies which are listed on the main boards in United States and the Europe will be targeted. The fund will seek to allocate capital to between 25 and 100 companies, with each allocation ranging in a value of between $10 million and $250 million. The new fund's time horizon will be between 3-5 years, although liquidity will be an important criteria in assessing risk. Companies below a $200 million market capitalization will not be discounted, however, the fund will be favorably disposed towards companies with higher market capitalization levels, and which exhibit a high percentage of outstanding shares. The team at the Finvest Private Equity fund indicated that their due diligence turn around period is quite aggressive. "While we are not looking to cut corners on due diligence, we are looking to fast track the allocation process, so that we can take advantage of a market which has been beaten to shreds," said Finvest portfolio strategist Mayer Greenwald.

The launch represents an exciting opportunity for listed companies who believe that additional capital will add significant impetus to their growth. Finvest is in current discussions with several companies which have expressed interest in receiving a capital allocation.

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