Real Man Magazine Launches Magazine for the Man’s Man. Warning. Read at Your Own Risk.

Real Man Magazine recently launched an online, general interest men’s magazine providing masculine information and entertainment for the man’s man. But be warned, the publishers say. It’s not for girlie men or the easily offended.

Sacramento, CA, January 02, 2009 --( Real Man Magazine announced today that it has launched an online magazine for the man’s man. The general interest men’s magazine provides raw, politically incorrect information and entertainment for men who prefer magazines with more masculine content.

Real Man Magazine was founded as an alternative to other general interest men’s magazines which often include less than manly content. Real Man Magazine focuses on articles and information that they believe real men care about; namely women, sports, drinking, smoking, gambling, work, outdoors, fatherhood, health, movies, TV, music and more. Their articles are often humorous, but at the same time, thought provoking.

“I set out to create a magazine for real men, by real men,” says Franklin Pierce, editor and publisher of Real Man Magazine, with a wry grin. “If you’re not a real man, what you read within our magazine will be so foreign to you, and so outrageous, that you’re liable to fall out of your chair, curl up in the fetal position and start sucking your thumb. Consider yourself warned.”

Mr. Pierce came up with the concept for his magazine after becoming frustrated with other men’s magazines. “When I pick up a so-called men’s magazine, I’m shocked at the lack of masculine content”, says Pierce dryly. “You look at the covers and frequently see a male fashion model with a completely shaven body. Then you open up the magazine and see ads with hairless guys prancing around in bikini underwear. You glance at the contents and find articles on shopping, sewing, and beauty products. Most men can’t relate to anything in these magazines. And amazingly they refer to themselves as men’s magazines.”

Mr. Pierce has noticed one interesting side effect from producing a magazine directed towards more masculine men. “We get almost as many women readers as men”, says Pierce with a satisfied tone. He believes there are two reasons for this phenomenon. “First, women use our site as a resource to help them understand how real men think. And second, I believe most women are longing for the days when men acted like men. Our site satisfies those needs for them. You won’t see women reading the other publications. There’s no need. They have almost the same ads and content as their women’s magazines.”

Real Man Magazine is not an adult magazine or website. It contains no nudity. However, many of the articles can be described as highly provocative. In fact, upon reaching their site, Real Man Magazine cautions its readers: “Warning! Contains politically incorrect material. Not for girlie men or the easily offended. May cause hair growth, increased testosterone and erections lasting longer than four hours. Read at your own risk.”

The purpose of the warning becomes clear once you glance at the titles of some of their recent articles: "Girlie Men of the Media", “Breastfeeding is for women…and Ben Affleck”, “Raising a Real Man in a Metro-Sexual World”, “Can Girlie Men Review Movies for Real Men”, and “How to Survive an Encounter with a Men’s Room Pervert”. And these are some of the tamer titles. Real Man Magazine also includes reviews of current movies reviewed from the perspective of a ‘real man’. Finally, the magazine includes the unorthodox and amusing advice column “Ask Real Man”, which they label as “manly advice from the world’s manliest man”.

Real Man Magazine also provides a bi-weekly magazine delivered to its readers via email. This electronic magazine contains a unique format which displays as if you're looking at an actual print magazine - except this magazine, in addition to news print and photographs, also contains videos of everything from women shooting guns to comedians to movie clips. You can subscribe to the magazine for free at the Real Man Magazine web site.

Real Man Magazine provides a rich source of information and entertainment for men who are not satisfied with other men’s magazines. It’s sure to provide interesting and thought provoking reading and discussions for all sorts of men – and women.

About Real Man Magazine:
Real Man Magazine is an online magazine for the man’s man. It can be viewed at Franklin Pierce is the editor and publisher. Mr. Pierce can be reached at Real Man Magazine™ is a trademark of Real Man Communications.

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