New Weekly Soap for the Internet & Mobile phones

Independent Yorkshire based video production company 2bacting releases their weekly Soap for viewing on the Internet and Apple iPhone.

Leeds, United Kingdom, January 05, 2009 --( The start of 2009 saw what could be a revolutionary change to the use of mobile phones. Imagine a world where soap viewers race to get their hands on their mobile in order to watch their favourite soap rather than crowd around a TV set.

The soap drama, Today & Tomorrow, was ITV Local Yorkshire's first internet soap to be shown on their website last year. At the time, ITV Local Yorkshire Channel Manager Mark Waddington said, “It’s incredibly brave of 2b Acting to attempt something like this and shows great initiative. We’re always on the lookout for creative people who are prepared to take risks”. Well, the risk continues with the release of the new episodes on the mobile platform.

Internet soaps are growing in popularity and this move of 2bacting in developing a Soap drama specifically tailored for Internet and mobile phones may prove to be the final stage in creating real platforms for mass broadcasting.

“With a reported 10 million Apple iPhone’s sold worldwide the platform seemed the best way for us to reach a wider audience” says David Jones, the show’s producer. “If this leads to the Internet and mobile phones being seen as real alternatives to Television then that plays to our strengths so obviously we think it would be a good thing.”

Whether the company is correct is still to be proven but a prediction at the start of the year is that they may well be right.

2b Acting Ltd
David Jones