2b Acting Introduces In-Show Interactive Advertising

Demonstrating the creativity that exists within the North of England, Yorkshire-based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, have introduced another first by offering a new advertising service within their 360 Interactive sitcom, Gym BS, on their InView channel. - March 09, 2022

2b Acting Champions SIV Database Productions with the Release of "Crazy Advent" for Christmas

2b Acting’s "Crazy Advent" marks the beginning of the release of a series of Selective Interactive Video (SIV) database productions to showcase the advantages in using video to present data. - December 04, 2021

2b Acting is the First to Release a 360 Interactive Sitcom

Building on past British successful innovations, Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, is pleased to be the lead pioneers in a new branch of video productions with the release of their 360 Interactive sitcom, Gym BS. - March 10, 2021

2b Acting’s Innovation Introduces a New Platform for 100 Poets

Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, has been engaged by Kadija George to deliver a SIV platform to promote the works of up to 100 poets and establish a portal for them to gain exposure and commissions. - March 02, 2021

2b Acting Launch InView Exhibitions to Support Visual Artists

In response to the ongoing crisis, Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company 2b Acting, has launched InView Exhibitions, a 360-degree interactive online video experience, to allow displayed art to be viewed remotely. - November 06, 2020

2b Acting Supports the Leeds West African and Portuguese Association

2b Acting's new interactive video, "To be human," shines a light on their collaboration to support the work of Leeds West African and Portuguese Association. - September 19, 2020

2b Acting’s Automated Concierge System for Hotels Creates a New Industry for Actors

Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting is encouraging hotels to deploy Automated Concierge Systems (ACS) for their customers to support a new industry for creatives and actors. - July 29, 2020

2b Acting Release Their Hard-Hitting Interactive Video "NO: The Line," Painting a Disturbing Picture of a Virus-Controlled Future

Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company 2b Acting, has released yet another hard-hitting NO interactive video, "The Line." A disturbing dystopian future where citizens are heavily controlled to maintain self-isolation. - July 15, 2020

2b Acting Responds to the Recovery with the Release of Their "Get Paid" Series of Interactive Videos

New ways of working are emerging, calling for people to be better informed. The Yorkshire based digital media company, 2b Acting, believes their new series of interactive videos is the best way to address this problem. - June 03, 2020

2b Acting Pioneers a New Way to Generate Income from Videos

Selective Interactive Videos can add value to videos providing potential customers with new reasons to buy. - May 08, 2020

2b Acting’s First Selective Interactive Video Game, Space Vorilex

On 2 April 2020, Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, released their first selective interactive video game, Space Vorilex, on their online platform, InView. - April 10, 2020

2b Acting Release Their First Look Selective Interactive Video

Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, has released a first look episode of their Today and Tomorrow: Interactive web series on their online platform, InView. - March 06, 2020

2b Acting Hosts the Golden Nugget International Film Festival (GNIFF) in Leeds

Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, is hosting a screening of short films as part of GNIFF quarterly showings at their Basement venue in Leeds. This puts Leeds in a prominent position alongside other supporting cities, London, Munich (Germany), Varna (Bulgaria) and Dubai (UAE). - November 24, 2019

The Subject of Brexit Kick Starts 2b Acting’s New "Take Action" Interactive Series

The Take Action production takes videos to another level. The problem with content only videos is that even when the subject motivates you to take action you don’t because it is time consuming to find relevant information and work out the right action to be taken. The Take Action interactive... - February 28, 2019

2b Acting Presents Comedy with a Difference

2b Acting, a Yorkshire based digital media company, starts the tour of their unique interactive video Comedy Monologue Projectorgrams events at The Royal Park pub in Leeds on 28 September. They have labelled the show, Comedy with a Difference. - September 20, 2018

2b Acting Creates Jobs for Actors Using Projectorgrams

Ten actors will become the first to create videos for 2b Acting’s projectorgrams – interactive video projections. - March 29, 2018

Leeds is the First to be Entertained by 2b Acting’s Projectorgrams

The Royal Park pub in Leeds will be the first to show projectorgrams – interactive video projections - A new form of venue entertainment. - March 03, 2018

2b Acting Encourages Use of Mobiles in Theatre

Turning mobiles off in a theatre is no longer necessary as using an App is now being made part of the on-stage performance. - October 20, 2017

2b Acting Presents a New Play About Brexit and England

"For the love of oranges" - a new stage production for 2017 by 2b Acting, with support from Leeds City College. - September 20, 2017

Next Step is Interactive Video Children Books for Eugene Trivizas

Eugene Trivizas is working in collaboration with 2b Acting, a Yorkshire based Digital Media Company, to adapt his children stories to Interactive Video books. - March 03, 2016

What Will Videos be Like in 127 Years? 2b Acting Introduces SIV.

The release of a simple tool to turn ordinary (passive) videos into active videos heralds a step change in how we use videos from now on. - August 08, 2015

Video is No Longer Just for Watching

With the launch of a new service providing access to bold new Selective Interactive Video Entertainment how we experience video online has changed. - July 03, 2015

2b Acting's Revolution- #Page27Blue: The First Play on Twitter?

The play, #Page27Blue. The stage, Twitter. The script, tweets. The performance started on Twitter March 9 2014. It will run for 12 weeks until the 1 June. - March 20, 2014

The 2B Show - Search for the Next Big Thing

The potential of the Internet, with sites such as Youtube and Facebook, means that Film Festivals are not the only way for writers, directors, actors and producers to get their work noticed. - February 21, 2013

Made in Yorkshire Good News for Local Actors and Artists

With support from local businesses like Sainsbury’s Moortown branch, Templeworks and the owners of Pondon Hall, independent film producers 2b Acting are successfully making "Witch Trinity," a new supernatural series, in the Yorkshire region, providing much needed work and exposure for local Actors and Artists. - June 17, 2012

Witch Trinity Takes a Break in Sainsbury’s Cafe

Sainsbury’s Moortown branch helps local film maker by opening their cafe door to the making of the new supernatural series Witch Trinity. - May 12, 2012

"Darren John Langford" Joins the Witch Trinity Cast

Darren John Langford, is the British actor notable for playing the mentally disabled character Spencer Gray in the long running Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks and he takes a lead role in 2b Acting’s new super-natural fantasy drama Witch Trinity. - April 21, 2012

SPIKE Play on Kindle

Independent digital media producer, 2b Acting provides support to help playwright publish work on the Kindle book market. - June 19, 2011

Acting with a Mobile

Independent digital media producer, 2b Acting, introduces a novel way of using mobile Apps to support Actors. - April 14, 2011

Media Market Place and the Future

Yorkshire independent digital media producer, 2b Acting, is making "Today & Tomorrow," their online drama, available to the media market place. - February 26, 2011

2b Acting's Soap Drama: "Three Minutes and It’s Over"

A three minute weekly soap drama defines a new way of watching soaps for the “no time” online generation. - January 07, 2011

2b Acting Compares Android Market vs iTunes App Store

Today 2b Acting announced the release of their FASTgreek language learning App on the Android Market and compares the experience with the release of the same App on the iTunes App store. - January 06, 2011

2b Acting Releases Their Online Drama on Amazon’s Video on Demand

Yorkshire independent digital media producer, 2b Acting, has made ‘Today & Tomorrow – Going back,’ the first episode of their online drama, available on Amazon’s Video on Demand. - January 05, 2011

Celebration of Fourth Anniversary for Venus TV and Announcement of New Talent Show

TV Special marks Yorkshire’s contribution to the channels success. - December 05, 2009

2bacting's Spike, More Performances

Spiked By Two English Roses, a line from the brand new play – SPIKE, written/directed by David Jones - September 06, 2009

Announcing the "Fair Access to the Internet" Campaign from 2bacting

The popularity of the Internet has attracted TV broadcasters who are now using their extensive resource and status to corner the Internet media viewing market. - September 04, 2009

Met Office Revised Summer Forecast Ruins Plan for 2bacting's New Play

Promotion plans for the new play SPIKE have been ruined now that the Met Office has changed the weather forecast for the summer. - September 04, 2009

New Weekly Soap for the Internet & Mobile phones

Independent Yorkshire based video production company 2bacting releases their weekly Soap for viewing on the Internet and Apple iPhone. - January 05, 2009

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