California-Based Stock Photo Company Releases Comprehensive List of Ethnic Pictures

PhotoEdit Inc., a boutique stock photography agency located in southern California which specializes in ethnic images, has released a linked list of all ethnicities in its database in order to assist its clients with their searches for positive and diverse ethnic images.

Costa Mesa, CA, January 08, 2009 --( Looking to assist its clients in their ongoing searches for ethnically diverse stock photos, PhotoEdit Inc. has just released a linked list of every ethnicity in its wide-ranging database to coincide with the arrival of 2009. The list can be found here:

Consisting of 361 text links literally ranging from A (Afghani) to Z (Zapotec), the total list will be a powerful tool for any photo researcher hoping to expand his or her ability to quickly and easily locate images of different ethnic groups. Some of the categories will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with stock photography, but also included are links to relatively obscure groups which do not get mainstream exposure, such as the Haida Native Americans of Alaska and the Asaro Mudmen of Papua New Guinea.

Additionally, each link not only directs users to pictures of ethnic peoples, but also to artifacts and traditions related to each specific ethnicity. These images, which include such unique objects as a grain scale used by a marketplace merchant in Eritrea and colorful beadwork from the Masai tribe of Africa, are an invaluable resource to photo researchers seeking a truly diverse range of ethnic pictures.

With its slogan of "Capturing Diversity," PhotoEdit has continually improved and enlarged its photo database to give a fair and accurate depiction of peoples and cultures all over the world. This new link list is an expansion of that idea, giving clients additional ways to access photos of ethnicities they may not have previously heard of or considered for use in their publications. PhotoEdit hopes the list will help to educate and inform all visitors to its website and encourages browsers to contact the staff for any questions or requests that cannot be fulfilled by the list.

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