Free 2D/3D CAD on Windows and Linux - MEDUSA4 Personalâ„¢ Version 3.1 Release

MEDUSA4 Personal 3.1: Now with the MEDUSA4 Smart Drafting Tool - The New Way to Create Geometry. Download available at

Moers, Germany, March 31, 2009 --( CAD Schroer Group (CSG), the global engineering solutions provider, today announced the latest release of its free personal use version of the powerful MEDUSA4 design automation suite, available for Windows and six different Linux distributions. The industry-proven 2D/3D CAD solution now also includes the MEDUSA4 Smart Drafting Tool (a new way of creating geometry without construction lines), along with many additional enhancements.

“MEDUSA4 Personal offers almost all of the functionality available in our most advanced MEDUSA4 package and more, including basic 3D (sheet-based modelling), simple sheet metal design, parametrics, and all of MEDUSA4’s drafting power tools, like SMART Edit (“parametrics on demand”), and now the Smart Drafting Tool,” explains MEDUSA4 Product Line Manager Mark Simpson.

MEDUSA4 Personal is expressly restricted to non-commercial use. Small technical differences from the commercial version include a different sheet format, watermarked print output, and the ability to import from, but not export to, DXF/DWG format. The commercial version is highly customisable, while MEDUSA4 Personal is not.

“Since the day of its first release, MEDUSA4 Personal has been met with great enthusiasm. Home users seem to have a keen interest in deploying professional CAD software, and the latest version, with all the additional functionality of the professional 3.1 release, makes it an even more attractive system. As a result we are extremely confident that MEDUSA4 will keep climbing the ranks in terms of significance and value as perceived by designers in the private as well as professional spheres.” says Michael Schroer, Founding Director of CSG, whose success has been built on long-term customer relationships, and a firm “by engineers for engineers” approach to software development.

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CAD Schroer Group (CSG) is a global software development company and engineering solutions provider, headquartered in Moers, near Duesseldorf, Germany. The company has offices throughout Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and independent subsidiaries in France, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Its products are sold direct and through an extensive, customer-focused partner network in countries throughout the globe.

CSG’s product suites include the 2D/3D design automation solution MEDUSA4®, including the MPDS4™ Plant Design System with FACTORY LAYOUT™, as well as STHENO/PRO®, a professional drafting plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER® users. Both systems come with a number of user-specific add-on modules offering efficiency gains for the most diverse areas of product and plant design and development. CAD Schroer also offers extensive consultancy, training and software development services.

CAD Schroer’s aim is to provide customers with the best possible solutions for design engineers and the engineering process, as well as to support its clients’ strategic goals. The company’s own technical and engineering background, and its emphasis on close working relationships with customers worldwide, have fostered a “by engineers for engineers” approach to software development - always keeping abreast of the latest demands placed on engineers by modern product development processes in a highly competitive market space. To find out more, please visit our website.

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