Israeli Company Attacked by Cyber Criminals

Along with the rocket attacks, Israeli websites were hit by hackers supporting terrorists. n-Trance announces that these illegal actions are considered as a violation of the international laws and will take legal measures against the cyber criminals

Ashkelon, Israel, January 09, 2009 --( On January, 6 a number of the international web sites were attacked by a group of hackers supporting Islamic terrorists.

Along with, the corporate website of the n-Trance Security Ltd the many international and Israeli companies have been attacked. The process has not been put an end to yet and more and more internet sites are being attacked at present. These attacks do not make any sense whatsoever - most of the attacked companies are located outside Gaza or Israel and are irrelevant to the events in the region.

“Besides the fact that our operation is hampered by the constant rocket attacks on the city of Ashkelon, where the headquarters is located, – says Igor Donskoy, the CTO of the n-Trance Security Ltd. – we are forced to fight also cyber criminals that attempt to disturb normal working process.

“Our thoughts are with the Israeli armed forces combating the international terrorism. We strongly believe that the present armed conflict will be resolved as soon as it is possible and peace and tranquility will return to the land of Israel.

“We also express our condolence to the innocent victims of the Gaza city, who remain hostages of the Hamas terrorists. We would like also to express our support to the residents of the South of Israel, who are terrorized by the continuing missile bombing, and look forward to the soonest termination of the war.” – says further Mr. Donskoy.

n-Trance Security announces that these illegal actions are considered as a violation of the fundamental international laws and agreements. They will take all possible legal measures against the cyber criminals wherever they could have been.

About company: n-Trance Security Ltd privately held company, established in 2004 in Israel. The company is devoted to development, manufacturing and distribution of biometric software and hardware products for information security, data protection, encryption and portable solutions.

n-Trance Security Ltd
Eugene Cuprin