Grossman Design Associates Launches Downturn Strategy for Health Care Branding

"Our Haus" (, the branding and graphic design blog of Grossman Design Associates, today published a downturn strategy for health care branding. The article asserts a marketing audit as an actionable, high-value strategy, priced for leaner times, that eliminates costs and sets the stage for future profitable activities.

Minneapolis, MN, January 09, 2009 --( Grossman Design Associates, a 50-year organization with a legacy of brand consulting and high-end graphic design, today launched its downturn strategy for health care branding. Published today at "Our Haus" ( the agency's branding and graphic design blog, the strategy asserts a health care marketing audit as a high-value activity for leaner times.

By seeking out redundancies, consolidating messages, and revisiting their core messaging platforms, the branding blog asserts, health care organizations can eliminate costs while setting the stage for future profitable activities in health care branding and marketing.

"We have to acknowledge this is a difficult time for all marketers," says Creative Accounts Director Eric Hayward. "From there, we can look at the high-value, low-cost activities in health care branding and marketing that went overlooked when budgets were bigger," Hayward says.

Because health insurance providers and even hospital systems print and distribute high volumes of collateral, the graphic design blog asserts, one part of a healthy downturn strategy involves reviewing these pieces from an editorial and communications-planning perspective for redundant messages.

While saving costs by eliminating redundant mailings, underlying health care branding benefits from more focused messaging and a review of fundamental "stories" that health care organizations tell patients and members.

At the same time, the strategy suggests, organizations can swap out photography and artwork in existing layouts for more relevant and consumer-oriented images. The downturn strategy asserts this as a simple, high-value step towards asserting a new standard for health care branding.

"Ultimately we're challenging all health care organizations to take a look at the fundamental assumptions they're making, or not making, in trying to treat patients and members as consumers," says Eric Hayward. "The downturn presents a perfect opportunity for these strategic considerations --- but this is strategy focused on outcomes: saving money now, setting the stage for profitable activities in health care branding later." Hayward says.

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