How Emotions Shape Our World. New Thinking (and Feeling) on Consumer Engagement in Health Care from Amino Lounge.

Are we using honest, compassionate communication when we talk to people about their health, or just spewing data? More importantly, are we listening? Studying Vulcanology, and earthly social science, we learn that Listening may be the key to consumer engagement in health care. - May 29, 2009

Creative Community Joins to Solve Health Care Crisis

Amino Lounge: Creative problem solving on consumer engagement in health and health care. - March 26, 2009

Grossman Design Associates Builds Online Home for Family Strengths

Design and branding firm expands strategy to reach families in need, online - March 08, 2009

Grossman Design Associates Launches Internal Marketing Strategy for Consumer Electronics

Grossman Design Associates graphic design and branding blog ( today launched a new effort to close the gap between external and internal marketing of consumer electronics. The graphic design and branding blog, "[Our Haus]," calls for the same creative, interactive and Web 2.0 approaches so successful in building consumer communities to be used in building a shared excitement with retail employees and their customers. - January 15, 2009

Grossman Design Associates Launches Downturn Strategy for Health Care Branding

"Our Haus" (, the branding and graphic design blog of Grossman Design Associates, today published a downturn strategy for health care branding. The article asserts a marketing audit as an actionable, high-value strategy, priced for leaner times, that eliminates costs and sets the stage for future profitable activities. - January 09, 2009

Graphic Design and Branding Blog Tackles Health Care Marketing

"Our Haus," the graphic design and branding blog of Grossman Design Associates, today asserts new standards for health care marketing and branding through its inaugural article, "A Movement Toward Better Health Care Marketing." - January 02, 2009

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