Canadian Brothers Make It Big in Asia

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., January 11, 2009 --( AsiaXPAT is a website for expatriates and English-speaking Asians living or working in Asia Pacific. With portals for Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpar, Jakarta and Manila, AsiaXPAT is the key to a wide range of services and information.

AsiaXPAT was founded by Paul Luciw in 1999, with his brother, John Luciw, as the second commander-in-chief. After moving to Hong Kong in 1991, Paul first taught physical education at an international school. Then he moved into investment and worked in that field for six years. During the dotcom boom, he used his business experience and contacts to set up AsiaXPAT. AsiaXPAT was then funded by a listed company in Hong Kong. Richard Siemens, the man who headed the company, which was an outstanding telecoms group, is also from Canada. In 2005, Paul bought back their shares, after a long and successful partnership with Richard’s group.

A humble start can also achieve big. From a small back-alley office to the present one of a comfortably modest size, physical appearance does not always mirror real potential. AsiaXPAT’s connections sprawl across the whole world. Today, AsiaXPAT’s client list for advertising is brimming with well-known brands, including HSBC, VISA, Cathay Pacific Airways, United Airways, Air Canada, E-Trade and so on. More than 60,000 people have already registered as members, and the number is growing. Most members are professionals from various fields, such as doctors, lawyers, architects and investment bankers. Among them are also found a substantial number of CEOs or directors from multinational companies. As advertising billings increase, AsiaXPAT is one of the small handful of successful pure online businesses.

Now, the Canadian brothers are savoring every mouthful of the fruits accumulated through years of diligence. According to Paul, some funds from the U.S. and China that invest in online media have shown interest in AsiaXPAT. Based on brief calculations, the company is now worth around US$20 million. Though the offers are attractive, selling is not within the scope of Paul’s strategy. AsiaXPAT is still growing fast. The brothers are still enjoying the challenges in running the business.

AsiaXPAT’s juggernaut rolls on into the field of charity. It has already built and funded a school that offers English and computer classes to children living in abject underprivileged condition, bringing hopes to a number of remote villages scattered across the island of Java.

Born into a working class family, the Canadian brothers have always appreciated the help and opportunities available in Canada. Given their experiences in working in many Asian countries, they realize that the luck they got at home is a luxury to many people in these countries. They feel that they should share their part of the responsibility for creating a better future for the kids in this part of the world. The school is such a contribution.

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