New Free Digital Book Helps Students Find and Get Scholarships

Education web site has just released "Braintropolis Scholarships," a new free digital book (also called electronic books or ebooks), a convenient treasury of articles full of real world advice, tips and recommended resources to help college-bound students find and get scholarships. A standard cross-platform Adobe Acrobat PDF file, "Braintropolis Scholarships" is available for free immediate download at

Arlington, VA, June 20, 2006 --( As college-bound students and their families scramble for sources of funding to pay for the coming school year, a new free Internet-enabled resource helps them on their quest.

The just-released "Braintropolis Scholarships" digital book (also called electronic books or ebooks) gives readers a convenient treasury of informative and helpful scholarship-centric articles, covering everything from the basics (e.g., "Getting Scholarships") to more esoteric advice (e.g., "Finding Unique Scholarships Online").

Written by authors with wide-ranging backgrounds -- students, educators, educational and financial consultants, even a "Scholarship Committee" member -- the articles are full of real world and insider tips. Many even provide live clickable links to other recommended web sites for further help and resources.

Published by the education web site, ("The First Step in Project You!"), "Scholarships" is their first release of a planned extensive series of free "Real World Educational Advice, Tips & Resources" ebooks. "Look for at least a dozen titles to be ready for download just within the next couple of months," said spokesperson, Della Hortado. "I wouldn't be surprised if you see even more!"

Available for free immediate download at, "Braintropolis Scholarships" is a standard cross-platform Adobe Acrobat PDF file, readable on Windows PCs and Macs and any computer system that runs the free and widely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Della Hortado
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