String-Ring Reminds Us to Remember Love on Valentine’s Day

Sterling Silver Ring Creates a Beautiful Reminder to Remember Those You Love on Valentine's Day.

Humble, TX, January 12, 2009 --( Have you ever heard of tying a string around your finger to help remember something? String-Ring, The Kindness Reminder Ring, was created to promote kindness by modernizing this old custom.

With the hope of encouraging kindness, this interactive piece of jewelry was designed to be threaded with a piece of interchangeable colored strings. Inspired by the tradition of tying a string around ones finger to remember something, in this case, to remember kindness. Each String-Ring comes with a set of 20 strings that are intended to remind you of the particular act of kindness represented by the color of string you chose. The purpose of this trendy ring is not simply aesthetic, but serves as a reminder of what it is that makes our communities strong… caring for each other.

The colored strings can be changed as often as desired depending on the message you wish to remember or convey. For example, red or pink is the color of love and is a reminder to be kind to one another. Blue represents tranquility, and promotes patience with others. Purple stands for empathy and serves as a sign to be tolerant of the differences between us. Silver symbolizes wisdom and understanding and is a reminder to forgive. Gold is the color of wealth and acts as reminder to give…not just money, but your attention, time, knowledge, or even a smile. Green is a reminder to respect the environment and all other living things. Orange represents energy and enthusiasm and is a reminder to laugh – “Especially at ourselves,” said Tina Mansfield, the ring’s creator.

The rings are priced at $24.95 each. Log on to for more information about this sterling silver ring, how to purchase it, and threading ideas.

Tina Mansfield