GSM1 Communications Launches New Global Wireless Networks at CES Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, January 14, 2009 --( GSM1'S vision is to create real mobile communication equality throughout the globe - Something that the internet has not succeeded in doing and the incumbent mobile operators have failed to do. GSM1 together with its MNO sister company has succeeded in vesting the control of GSM out of the hands of the rich mobile operators and will hand it over to the poor. It is also the corporate solutions that company leaders have been dreaming of.

This has been achieved by construction of a new mobile GSM platform in Switzerland which will be supported by three ground breaking technologies.

1. SCC (Sim Controlled Calling) Invented by the visionary & GSM1 director Bart Verkruisjen. This technology turns the existing global GSM network on its head and transforms the way GSM is controlled. Creating a Global GSM hub with one uniform service worldwide.

2. SoftSIM technology. This enables support of global handsets without the need to change existing SIM's. Calls can be intelligently routed outside of existing mobile operator networks where cost effective. This provides true LCR for mobile. Initially to be released on Nokia and Blackberry with windows mobile presently in beta testing.

3. Intelligent HLR technology. Transforming a 'dumb' GSM platform into a super intelligent - multi identity (IMSI) power house.

Together with GSM1 technology partners around the globe a new type of mobile emulator device with a large 10 inch screen will allow users in developing & 1st world countries to harness the true power of their mobiles for full functionality over GSM from 2.5 g upwards.

All of what GSM1 is doing is backwards compatible so as not to leave out the developing world.

Mike Kellett, who originally conceived SMSCall technology 10 years ago, has worked fearlessly towards the goal of communication equality for all of the worlds now 3 billion mobile users.

In Kenya for example where a second hand 2.5g handset costs 30,000 Ugandan shillings (£9.58/$15.00) but that is where the bargain ends with call charges particularly international being prohibitively expensive and denying equal access to the global GSM network for African users.

This last element is the only thing holding back true mobile equality from developing countries. There has been a massive leap in these developing countries which has a great potential to spur development if only it could be more fairly controlled by the incumbent operators.

Take the Democratic Republic of Congo for example with a population of 60 million has only 10,000 fixed line telephone subscribers. There are now over one million mobile subscribers. By the end of 2007 there were over 280 million mobile subscribers in Africa which represents a penetration of 30.4%. GSM1 will complete the missing global element which is a fair and equal network access with affordable international connectivity. Has Erostus Nusbuga stated, the former marketing director of Celtel (Now Zain) in Uganda “I think Uganda is ridiculous: the prices are too high. These international companies have to rethink about cheating poor countries. I think we still have the highest core tariffs in the world today.”

GSM1 can single-handedly change Mobile to make the global connectivity over GSM truly affordable and ubiquitous. SMS for example will be transformed in to the new email so that all can use it to communicate internationally even from 2.5g handsets. International Corporates can also at last have one account for the whole Globe.

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