Debatepedia Launches Bosnia Debate Series for a Country in Turmoil

Amid rising tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Debatepedia - a project of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) – has launched a series of three comprehensive debate articles at the heart of the future of the Balkan republic.

Seattle, WA, January 14, 2009 --( The Balkan nation state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is struggling through significant questions regarding its future. Many fear that the state could fall back into civil war similar to the one between 1992 and 1995, which claimed 100,000 lives and questioned the resolve of Europe and the international community to respond. Amid this rising tension, Debatepedia has launched a series of three debates at the heart of the country’s future: 1. Should the Bosnian Serb Republika Srpska secede from Bosnia and Herzegovina? 2. Should Bosnia and Herzegovina continue under the Dayton Agreement or abandon it? 3. Should Bosnia and Herzegovina accede to the European Union? In addition to helping leaders and thinkers around the world better deliberate on these questions, the debate series has been coordinated with students in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are participating in the International Debate Education Association’s (IDEA) April 2009 Youth Leadership Program, and who care deeply about the future of their country.

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