Paragon Wealth Management Offers Free Portfolio Reviews

Wealth Management firm offers to help investors position their portfolios for 2009.

Provo, UT, January 13, 2009 --( Paragon Wealth Management is offering free portfolio reviews to investors to help them know where to allocate their portfolios in 2009.

“After one of the worst bear markets in modern times, investors are very concerned about their investments,” said Dave Young, president and founder of Paragon Wealth Management. “That’s why we’d like to help them increase their potential for success when this market turns around.”

Wealth managers at Paragon will evaluate investors’ portfolios and give suggestions based on the individual’s situation. Paragon’s advisors plan to help investors diversify their portfolios and position them in the strongest sectors of the market that historically recover the fastest. This service is provided with no obligation to investors.

“So far the markets have followed their historical election pattern,” said Young. “The difference this time was the magnitude of the decline. This year’s decline was the worst to ever precede an election. If the market continues to follow previous historical patterns, 2009 may be a very strong year for the market. That’s why we’d like to help investors position in those areas that have traditionally performed best when the market turns positive.”

Investors can contact Paragon’s advisors by phone at 801-375-2500 or email at info@paragonwealth dot com to discuss their individual situation and receive a review at no cost. The minimum portfolio value must be $200,000.

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Paragon Wealth Management is a wealth management firm located in Provo, Utah. They have been dedicated to creating success for their clients since they began in 1986. They actively manage all types of traditional, and retirement accounts such as IRA rollovers, 401(k) rollovers, pensions and trusts. Paragon has fiduciary responsibility. They do not sell financial products and advisors are not paid on commissions. Visit for more information.
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