Appear on Top of Search Engines on Rotation Basis

Palkey, the multi-search engine platform has released a new advertising solution for small and medium websites to appear on top of search engines on rotation basis, free for life.

New York, NY, January 15, 2009 --( According to their announcement, Palkey requires no money to get advertisers display their ad listings, because their aim is to allow small startup websites with little budget to get a jumpstart on the popular search engine advertisements.

Their business model is based on a very simple and straightforward rotation system. After site registration, advertisers pick up keywords for their listings. For the first time, the listing will be shown at the bottom of the search result when the keyword is searched. Subsequently when the second time the same keyword is searched, the listing will move up to the second last rank of the search result. When the keyword is searched for the 3rd time, the listing will move up to the 3rd last rank of the search result. In this way, for each search of the same keyword, the listing will slowly move up the ranks in the search results till it reaches the top most position. After reaching the top position, the listing will go to the bottom of the search results again when a search is made on the keyword. The rotation of the website listing will go on indefinitely in this fashion.

The frequency the listing is shown in the first position is dependent on the total number of sites registered for the keyword. For example, if 100 sites have been registered for the keyword “Shoes”, then if the keyword “Shoes” is searched for 1000 times, each site will be shown on the first rank of the search results for at least 10 times (1000/100).

Palkey is also being advertised in the leading newspapers around the world every month and has promised to mention the names of top 3 website listings as co-sponsors in its advertisements to ensure wider exposure for the listings.

Raja Kumar